My year in writing Fiction and getting published – 2014

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My year in writing – 2014

My Horror Fiction stories published

Anthology books
Terror Train my story, Steel Deliverance
Journals of Horrormy story, Night Terrors: Journal
Stomping Grounds – my story, The Devil’s Avatar

terror train cover  Journals of Horror stomping grounds antho

Horror Websites (read for free) – my story, My All Time Favorite – my story, Urban Legend #9 – my story, The Opaque Veil
Bizart Pod cast – my story, The Station
fiction terrifica

Horror Magazines/E-zines
Dark Eclipse #28 – my story, The Memory Thief
The Best of Dark Eclipse issue Dec. 2014 – my story, The Memory Thief
The Best of Dark Eclipse Vol 2 dark eclipse #28

My guest articles

I wrote a true life ghost hunting story, guest article for the Fox True Ghost Story Project
The Witch Tree

I continue to contribute periodic articles to Vic’s Movie Den

My Top 5 Gothic Vincent Price movies
My Top 5 Horror and Sci-Fi Sequels that Rock
10 Things you Didn’t know about John Carpenter


This year I’ve written several guest articles for

Why do Grown Men Watch Godzilla Films
Ouija Boards and other Fortune Telling Games
To Own a Monster – Aurora Monster Models



My work recognized!

The Memory Thief chosen for The Best of Dark Eclipse issue Dec. 2014

Ann Rice tweets about my article, Why Do Grown Men Watch Godzilla Movies

godzilla article

Interview on Jim Pyre’s Dead Letter Office

Interview on Whispers in the Dark Podcast for Journals of Horror

Terror Train podcast, Steel Deliverance reading


Thank you to all the wonderful editors, site managers and fellow bloggers I’ve dealt with this year who strive to put something special into the hands of horror readers and fans out there. It’s been a pleasure working with you all. 

I have about 25 written, unpublished, horror short stories that I’ll be looking to find placement for this year, as well as, many ideas for articles and blog posts that will appear here and with other sites on the web. I have yet to finish my first novel but the first draft is nearly complete. I hope to get it into the hands of some BETA readers within the first six months of 2015. 

To all my fellow writers out there, good luck on your endeavors, and best wishes in achieving all you goals for 2015. 

Michael Thomas-Knight

My story, The Memory Thief, chosen for the ‘Best of Dark Eclipse Magazine’

The Best of Dark Eclipse Vol 2 big

My story, The Memory Thief, chosen for the Best of Dark Eclipse Magazine

The Best of Dark Eclipse – Volume 2 (Dark Eclipse Book 41)

It is with great honor that I can announce that my story, The Memory Thief, has been included in The Best of Dark Eclipse Magazine, Vol. 2. Dark Eclipse and its sister publication Dark Moon Digest has been turning out high quality, horror fiction for many years now. It has always been one of the harder markets to get into and I was happy getting published by them once, but now I am duly honored to have the story reprinted.

Lori Michelle was a pleasure to work with in editing the piece. She contacted me when she had read the story to suggest a few changes. The first was to change it to third person (I originally had it written in first person). Then she re-read and suggested a little trim here, a little more description there. I made the adjustments and it was accepted into issue #28. I’m so glad she took the time to work with me on those points of contention and saw something in the story that bosch_the_garden_of_earthly_delights_detail_c1500she felt would work in the pages of Dark Eclipse Magazine.

I knew The Memory Thief was a great little tale when I wrote it. It had the fine balance of poetic phrasing and description with direct story telling and it had a fantastic/mystical quality to it.  It is the kind of story that doesn’t come from a writer often, but feels like magic when it flows out of you. It is also one that comes from a place of personal experience (although disguised in the fiction) that makes it feel good to tell in a story.

I have been reading this “Best of vol. 2” and I am proud to be in this issue with such amazing high caliber authors and fantastic stories. If you want to know the caliber of story-telling the pro-market likes to publish, this issue would be a great place to read some excellent choices.

Available on Amazon Kindle

The Best of Dark Eclipse Vol 2


My latest story published in Dark Eclipse Magazine #28

dark eclipse #28
Michael Thomas-Knight published in Dark Eclipse Magazine

I am very happy to have a story published in Dark Eclipse, a prestigious publication in the horror genre!

My story, The Memory Thief, has been accepted and published in issue # 28 of Dark Eclipse. Discover The Memory Thief and his oddball band of miscreants searching the land of dreams for nourishment at the expense of the human mind and the risk of one man’s sanity. Only in the new issue of Dark Eclipse.

Check it out here:
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