Aurora Prehistoric Scenes Styracosaurus – model kit

mike k - styracosaurus with forest expansion - pic 7

Aurora Prehistoric Scenes Styracosaurus – model kit


I was finally able to build another model kit after a long hiatus. This one is the Revel re-issue of the Styracosaurus. Included with the kit is the Carboniferous Forest base extension (You can get one from Jurassic Arts) and my little Carnosaur in the background peeking through the trees.

mike k - styracosaurus with forest expansion - pic 4
I painted the whole dinosaur with a van dyke brown and yellow ochre undercoat before painting layers of green for the skin color. The horns are black/white/gray and silver. The only modification I made to the dino was adding the skin at the back of the mouth as seen on many reptiles.

mike k - styracosaurus with forest expansion - pic 9
This is one of my favorite dinosaur model kits and glad to have the opportunity to build this again. The first time I built it was 40 years ago!

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Dinosaur Model Kit project

dino model rex CU

Dinosaur Model Kit project – Jan. 2013 – March 2013

Ok, here is where my complete nerd-iness shines through. Let my geek flag fly! When I was young there was a hobby store in my town that would have model-kit building contests every year. I had won trophies for my kit building skills.

Recently, having a little time on my hands, I decided to revisit the days of my youth and build some model-kits. The 1960’s and 1970’s Aurora Prehistoric Scenes Kits were too hard to find at a decent price but I found these Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops model-kits that I believe were released in the 1990’s. As the diorama grew I added other dino’s to build a complete scene, with trees, shrubbery, rock formations and a mountain background.

t rex and triceratops

Diorama elements:

‘Aurora/ Playing Mantis’ model kit – Tyrannosaurus – 1990’s

‘Aurora/ Playing Mantis’ model kit – Triceratops – 1990’s

‘Lindberg’ Ankylosaurus model kit -1990’s

‘Tamiya’ – Creatures of the Mesozoic model kit (baby T. Rex and Parasaurolophus) – 1990’s

Base: 2.5 x 2.5 plywood base

‘Scene-A-Rama’ grass, trees, and rock sculpting kit

‘Testors’ brand model kit paint

The total diorama took me about 2 months to build. I used the plastic base of the Tyrannosaurus but not the one from the Triceratops. I incorporated the T. Rex base into the mountain and rock formations I had built for the scene. The other kits did not include bases.

With the Tyrannosaurus, I followed the color scheme recommended in the kit, but decided to make the eyes orange/red for contrast. For all other kits I deviated from the recommended colors and came up with my own color combinations – mostly because I did not like the recommended colors.