Retro Dinosaur Model Kit Diorama

T Rex Dimetrodon battle pic 3

Retro Dinosaur Model Kit Diorama

T Rex vs. Dimetrodon

This is my retro dino diorama. Not only are these vintage kits, but I built the base using retro ideas about dinosaur environment. Because fossils were often found in rocky desert areas like Colorado and Wyoming, scientists thought Dinosaur environment resembled the areas in their current form. You would see many dinosaur depictions in these rocky desert landscapes. So, I gave this diorama the retro landscape feel, kinda’ like Land of the Lost TV show from the 1970’s. I also put dinosaurs that hadn’t lived in the same time period into the kit to do battle.

The kits:

Tamiya – Tyrannosaurus Rex (old style)
Lindberg – Dimetrodon (1979 Pyro Models re-issue)
Tamiya – Mesozoic Creatures – Oviraptor (small dino)

T Rex Dimetrodon battle pic 8 T Rex Dimetrodon battle pic 14
The base construction. I used a piece of foam board to cut out a base. I shaped the edges with a plaster-based clay to get a nice look and texture.
retro dino 3


I built the background mountains with larger pieces of styrofoam, also using plaster and clay for the details. I shaped little rock formations to position around the base. I used Scene-it palm trees and shrubbery to add a touch of desert plant life.
retro dino 5 retro dino 6

I used some desert photos to help guide the look of the base. Roadrunner and Coyote cartoon images provided much needed design detail, lol!

retro dino 11 retro dino 10

Let the battle begin!

The Top 5 Women in Dinosaur and Fantasy films from Yesteryear

My Top 5 Women in Dinosaur and Fantasy films from Yesteryear

(films 25 years and older)


5) Jane Seymour – Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger – as Farah
If playing chess with an intelligent Mandrill isn’t enough, she comes face to face with a troglodyte, a giant walrus, and a saber tooth tiger.

4) Victoria Vetri – When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth – as Sanna
She escapes being sacrificed to the sun god, clashes with the dark-haired tribe, and eventually makes friends with a dinosaur, all while just barely keeping her tighter-than-a-glove bikini top on. (note: in the uncut version, the bikini top does come off.)

3) Caroline Munro – The Golden Voyage of Sinbad – as Margiana
The tattooed eye on her hand calls forth the great Cyclops centaur for a battle of good vs. evil. A handful of 1970’s Hammer horror films playing alongside Lee and Cushing and even bigger roles in At the Earth’s Core (Amicus) and Star Crash clinch the spot for her.

2) Fay Wray – King Kong – as Anne Darrow
She is the ultimate damsel in distress, taken by force, but enduring and surviving a savage world.

1) Raquel Welch – One Million Years BC – as Loana
It was the fur bikini that entranced the world. A young Raquel Welch becomes a star despite not a single word of dialogue in the film.

Honorable mentions:

Jessica Lange – King Kong (1976) – as Dwan

King Kong 76


Barbara Bach – Caveman (1981) – Lana

caveman promo cropped


Tanya Roberts – Sheena, Queen of the Jungle (1984) – as Sheena

Sheena-Queen of the Jungle-1984

recommended by Bubbawheat,


Martine Beswick, also from One Million Years BC (1966)

martin beswick

suggested by Alharron


Your suggestions for honorable mentions are welcome.


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