Robot Combat League, episode 2, SyFy Channel

RCL - chris jericho

Robot Combat League, episode 2, SyFy Channel

Don’t know if I am going to do this every week but I had  such a great time with this last episode (Tues. 10pm) I was compelled to share it.

Episode 2 featured 2 matches.

First Match:

Commander vs. Scorpio

Team Scorpio
The underdog, team Scorpio consisted of Chris, a toymaker with some knowledge of robotics on the control panel (robot movement/robo tech) and Diana, a fashion student in college in the exo-suit (robo Jockey/ throws punches).

The robot Scorpio – sharp blade-like edges for fists made from carbon fiber.
robot combat league - scorpio

Team Commander
Team Commander consisted of a NASA robot Tech., Paulo (robo tech./control panel) and an ex-combat pilot, Jeffrey (robo jockey). They relied heavily on strategy and pre-planning.

The robot Commander – well protected pseudo-soldier with giant fists.
robot combat league -commander

The match: Scorpio moved fast and aggressive, first ripping the armor shielding from Commander’s left arm, then striking a damaging blow to that arm’s hydraulic system. In the 3rd round, even after Scorpio looses one of its blades, it strikes several blows to its opponents mid-section and in fiery destruction breaks Commander in half at the waist, its top half left hanging down to the floor by wires and hoses. Scorpio Moves on to the next round.


Second Match:

Thunder Skull vs. Brimstone

Team Thunder Skull
Consists of ESPN Ex-games competitor, Heather (robo jockey) and IT guy, Brandon (robo tech./control panel).

The robot Thunder Skull – giant fists and well protected upper body.
robot combat league - thunderskull

Team Brimstone
MSU football player and Martial Arts expert, Devonric (robo jockey) and Mechanical Engineer, Russel (robo tech./control panel)

The robot Brimstone – leather armor covering absorbs blows and is difficult to damage.
robot combat league - brimstone

The Match: Thunder Skull is badly damaged in the first round and goes into the second round with a basically useless left arm. At the end of the second round, dominated by heavy blows from Brimstone, the bell rings and Thunder Skull continues to throw damaging punches after the round is over. Judges decision disqualifies Thunder Skull and Brimstone moves on to the next round in the semi-finals.
Chris and Diana in the ring, check out their robot, Scorpio
Thunder Skull, disqualified.

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In my first article I had mentioned ‘Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots’, a toy I had as a youngster. Found this pick and thought I would include it here.