Robot Combat League, episode 3, SyFy Channel

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Robot Combat League, episode 3, SyFy Channel

In this weeks match ups we have:

Match 1

Game Over vs. Axe
RCL - Game Over RCL - Axe
Game Over                                                                    Axe

Team Game Over, consists of Keisha, Pro-Gamer (robo-jockey) and Annika, Robotics Engineer(robo tech./control panel).

Team Axe consists of Andrew, MMA Fighter (robo-Jockey) and Ross, Robotics Reseach (robo tech./control panel).
RCL - Game over 2

The Match: Before the 1st round, team Game Over stated that they wanted to break the head off of Axe. They accomplished this in the second round but all those high punches left them vulnerable to punches from Axe and they were extremely damaged by the start of round 3 with limited motion of their arms. Match went the full three rounds and by judges decision, AXE was pronounced winner.

Match 2

Robo Hammer vs. Drone Strike
RCL robohammer RCL_drone_strike
Robo Hammer                                                 Drone Strike

Team Robo Hammer, consists of Amanda, MMA Pro-fighter (robo-jockey) and Saura, Robotics Engineer(robo tech./control panel). Amanda is the Daughter of George Lucas who made an appearance on the show to check out the bots and give some tips.

Team Drone Strike consists of Ciji, Pro-Gamer(robo-Jockey) and Fazlul, Rocket Scientist (robo tech./control panel).

The Match: RoboHammer came out swinging with lightning speed but deep into the 1st round, Drone Strike delivered a devastating blow to Robo Hammer’s mid-section, breaking five hydraulics and operational mechanisms. Robo Hammer crumpled forward and could not be repaired. Win goes to Drone Strike.
RCL-epi3 match 2

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