Evil Streets (1998) – a look in the rearview mirror


The Downfall of Johnny Garrett

Evil Streets (1998) SOV movie The Downfall of Johnny Garrett

From 1996 to 1998, I had worked on a horror anthology film project titled, Evil Streets. The film consisted of 3 short story segments in the urban horror genre.

One segment was written by me and directed by Terry Wickham. It was adapted from my story of the same name, The Evil Streets boxes cover webDownfall of Johnny Garrett.

Terry recently asked if I’d like to write an overview of the movie segment for his blog. Terry has been active in the past few years directing short films such as, Hair of the Dog and Washington Road (for which he won awards).

Terry had directed another segment in the film titled, Stalk. The third segment was written and directed by Joseph F. Parda, titled Zamota’s Mistress. It was released in spring 1998 with a premier at the Chiller Horror Convention and dates at the Malverne Theater, NY. It was produced directly to VHS and sold by mail order for two years following.

Terry is currently directing a new anthology film, The Devil’s Five.

Check out the Making of…Johnny Garrett overview at Terry’s website:
http://wordpress.mantaraypictures.com/2015/03/23/the-downfall- of-johnny-garrett/

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