Journals of Horror – 99 cents sale – this weekend only!

Journals of Horror asylum pic

Journals of Horror – 99 cents sale – this weekend only!

If any of you are curious about the Journals of Horror: Found Fiction Anthology, this weekend would be a great time to get your kindle version of the book. There is a 99 cents sale going on this weekend!

Journals of Horror: Found Fiction, includes a short story by Michael Thomas-Knight

Suicide notes, inter-office memos, diaries, email threads; people’s most personal thoughts in the pages of this collection. What has happened to these people; where have their lives gone wrong? Find out in Journals of Horror.

Just wanted to say a few things about my story, Night Terrors, included in the Journals of Horror release

Here’s some of the influences that proded this story from my icey dead fingers…

For a short period of time, my younger brother would wake in the night from night terrors. He’d stand, wide eyed in terror, pointing to the corners of the room, at things we could not see. It was frightening enough to watch his behavior, not to mention thinking about what it was he might be seeing. These experiences were an influential aspect to the story, Night Terrors.

I’ve done quite a bit of studies on supernatural entities. There are different kinds of entities as there are different kinds of hauntings. I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if several of these different types of entities were brought into the same arena. The arena would be the dreams and nocturnal world of a woman, whose failing marriage has left a great void in her life and left her vulnerable to attack.

Michael Thomas-Knight


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