AMT/ ERTL- Creepy T – Car model kit – 1975

Creepy T monster car by Mike K pic 1

Creepy T
monster car model kit

This is my Creepy T monster car from a small series by AMT/ERTL in the 1970’s. The series was originally released by Fundimensions.

Building car model kits is a bit different than creatures. For one, you have to paint most of the pieces before you put the kit together. Gluing pieces has to be more delicate and precise so you don’t get glue spots on the painted surfaces.

Creepy T monster car by Mike K pic 9

I used Testors enamel spray paint for the red body and the back wheels because it dries smoother and glossier. I used acrylics for the wood coffin-like storage trunk and other misc. parts.

Creepy T monster car by Mike K pic 2

I left the skull head unpainted so it would glow. I just added a little shadowing. The kit suggested keeping the bat(s) as glow parts but I didn‘t like the way they looked and painted them black.

Creepy T monster car by Mike K pic 7

Here are the AMT and MPC/Fundimensions box covers:

AMT-Creepy T 1975 MPC - Creepy T Kit 1971

This is the second kit in the series. I had built the Mummy Machine last year. I managed to find the Night Crawler Werewolf Wagon by Fundimensions/MPC on eBay which was never re-released by AMT. That is the last in the series and plan to build it in the coming year.

Night Crawler MPC Werewolf Car kit 002

Mummy Machine post


My newest acquisition! – vintage model kits

fundimensions wasp

Finally got the Giant Wasp model kit from Fundimensions, circa 1973.

Feels like I traveled back in time to get it.

If you recall, I had built the other giant insect models, Mantis, Tarantula, Scorpion, a while back. All three of these were re-released by AMT in the late 1970’s and were much easier to find because of it. The Giant Wasp was not re-issued and is nearly impossible to find.

gigantics full

I saw it on eBay, and kept bidding until I won it. I paid more than I wanted to spend but there are so few of these left, I couldn’t let it go.

Once built, I will post it here for those interested.


Original Fundimensions Gigantics model kits – early 1970’s

giant scorp fundimensions 1 mantis Fundimensions 1 fundimensions wasp

fundimensions tarantula 1 Gigantics Fundimensions back cover

the AMT reissues – also in the 1970’s so these are vintage, too

gigantics collection