HR Giger dies at age 74 (1940 – 2014)

hr giger

Amazing, other-worldly artist, H.R. Giger died today, 5/13/14 at age 74

Taking in vast influences from Salvador Dali, HP Lovecraft, and his studies of industrial design at The School of Commercial Art of Zurich, he portrayed alien worlds of horror, sci-fi and fantasy in his monochromatic paint and sculptures. He called his works Biomechanics and they were featured in his popular books, Necronomicon and Necronomicon II.


His most widely known work was the designer of Alien (also the mutations in sequels) and Prometheus, but he also did work for Species, Poltergeist II, and the poster art for Future Kill. His work was often featured on the cover of Omni Magazine. His artwork is featured on over a dozen album covers and he designed the microphone stand for Korn’s, Jonathan Davis. Giger also designed a signature series of Ibanez Guitars. There are 2 Giger Bars in Switzerland still opened for business today and the infamous NYC Limelight had licensed Giger’s work for the VIP room.

Take a moment to veiw some of his art in this gallery, to honor a man with a unique vision.

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