War of the Titans – Godzilla vs. Gamera

battle of the titans 8

War of the Titans – Godzilla vs. Gamera

The battle that giant monster fans fantasize about has begun!

Billiken – Godzilla 1962 (from King Kong vs Godzilla)

Billiken – Gamera – 1995

This is a kit I had started over the summer. However, I’ve been collecting pieces since the beginning of the year. I purchased the building models over time and built them just so I could start envisioning the layout. Some, I bought from a local Hobby Shop and others I purchased on Ebay. Then I got cars, buses, streetlights, traffic lights and a truck.
battle of the titans 2

I painted the monster kits with Folkart Acrylic paints and then sprayed them with a sealer. This is a switch from the usual oil-based model kit paint I had always painted with previously. I used gray and white for Godzilla with an undertone of blue. I used a mix of lime green and forest green for Gamera with white highlights. The acrylic paints gave me more control than the usual model kit paints. I now use stone clay for filling the seams on the kits and for additional molding. It dries overnight and it shrinks a bit, but not too much. I hate seams.
battle of the titans 3

I repositioned Gamera’s legs to get him standing more upright than the original kit design so it would look closer in scale to Godzilla. I also added length and size to his head and about a half inch to his tail for the same reason. I repositioned Godzilla’s left arm so it looks like he’s about to attack. Did quite a bit of sculpting and filling to accommodate the changes I made to the kits.
battle of the titans 10

I laid everything out on a Styrofoam board and used Scene-A-rama products for the grass, trees, and pavement. I still want to put a background – sky and clouds – but haven’t found the right pic to blow up and use as of yet. The streetlights and 2 buildings light up. There is also a fire that lights-up inside the big main building on Godzilla’s side.

I’m not quite sure which version of Gamera this is because I purchased it from Ebay without a box. I know it’s one of the later models because the tusks are facing forward, not straight up like the original Gamera.
Famous Monsters 262

I purchased this modern Famous Monsters Magazine that depicted the same battle on the cover.