Yongary, Monster from the Deep (1967) – Movie Review


Yongary, Monster from the Deep (1967)

“He drinks oil from a can and eats dirt. He’s Barney, the purple dinosaur’s,
older, meaner cousin, Yongary!”

This is Korea’s foray into the Kaiju Monster film arena. A rocket launch awakens Yongary underground. Scientists track seismic activity until they discover it’s caused by an ancient beast moving underground. Yongary rises from the earth and destroys the city. After a lot of destruction, he needs a drink and finds a full tank of oil. He drinks it and blows flames. Then he drinks some ammonia and it doesn’t agree with him. He gets a tummy ache, dances around and gets angry. He breaks out in a rash and it yongary-pic-1makes him very irritable. When the scientists discover Yong is allergic to ammonia (it takes a young boy to figure it out), they make some ammonia bombs. They drop some bombs, Yong gets upset and destroys the bridge. Finally, he kicks the bucket.

A low budget makes for less detail in the special FX all around, which in turn makes them not-so-special FX. The Yongary costume has some basic flaws that sometimes makes him look like a guy in a costume at a children’s birthday party. The buildings look like toys in the close-ups because of lack of detail. The plot is simplistic and there’s not much of a human story to it other than the humans fight against Yongary. All this less attention to detail adds up to a film that is more silly than threatening. But it’s not a total loss, there’s some fun Kaiju destruction scenes and Yongary does breathe fire. Good times!

There was a remake of Yongary called Reptilian (2000) but it was a cheap CGI, badly written script, disaster that isn’t even fun to watch in a MST2K way. Stick with the original for some campy Kaiju fun.



Godzilla vs Rodan – Famous Monsters issue 114 – model kit


Famous Monsters issue #114 – model kit – kit bash

So, I had the idea to recreate the cover of my favorite movie monster magazine from my youth with model kits. Famous Monsters #114 came out in 1975 and was the definitive authority on Toho Kaiju films at the time. I wanted to create a 3-D rendition of the fantastic cover art by Ken Kelly.


I started with the Aurora Godzilla kit (Polar Lights re-issue) and did many modifications, most notably, re-sculpting the head and hands.

I took a good look at the Aurora Rodan kit and knew it wasn’t going to suit the diorama in regards to the wing positions. I instead used the Polar Light’s Pteranodon. I extended the wings downward and completely removed the head, sculpting my own Rodan head and neck based on the design of the cover art.

aurora-polar-lights-godzilla-kit-box aurora-polar-lights-pteranodon-kit-box

I molded and sculpted each building separately, closely matching the layout of the cover art. I also sculpted flames to recreate the fire.


I never painted a kit totally based on lighting (as how the cover art was created) so this was a challenge for me to ignore the actual color of the monsters and use the chromatic tawny yellow coloring of the artwork instead.



It took me about 5 months to build and paint this and although it’s not an exact match, I’m pleased with the final result.

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Horror Movie Poster art – Postcard Collection- Part I

Classic movie monsters stamps & postcards 6

Horror Movie Poster Art – post cards (and Sci-fi, too!)

Let me explain,
I collected about a dozen classic horror movie posters including, Bride of Frankenstein, King Kong, Creature From the Black Lagoon, and The Curse of the Werewolf. They range in size from 11 x 17″ to 24 x 28.” However, I soon discovered I will never have enough room to display them.
bride poster

That was when I discovered post-card sized replications of all the famous classic film movie posters. I keep them in a book in plastic sleeves. Along with the Universal Monsters Stamps and post cards from various museums and historical sites, plus Art, Americana, and movie stars, I have over 200 post cards in my collection.
I’d like to share some of these post cards with you.
Creature Features and early horror films:
Here’s my book. It’s a loose-leaf binder with photo sleeves. It holds 4 cards per page (2 front, 2 back).
movie poster art - my collection - Mike K movie poster art - collection - classics photo 7
Universal and Classics:


 1950’s Sci Fi and horror:


US Postal Service Universal Monsters Commemorative Stamps and Post Cards:



More to come…



Space Amoeba (1970) – movie review – Yog the Monster from Space

 yog - space amoeba - pic 12

Space Amoeba (1970)
Aka: Yog, the Monster from Space

Directed by Ishirō Honda
Produced by Fumio Tanaka, Tomoyuki Tanaka

Akira Kubo
Atsuko Takahashi
Yukiko Kobayashi
Kenji Sahara
Yoshio Tsuchiya

Music by Akira Ifukube

Here’s a lighter styled Toho Kaiju film concerning an undeveloped island in the So. Pacific. It’s one that borrows a bit from Japanese mythology using some common archetypes, the Squid or Cuttlefish, the Crab and the Turtle. It also grabs a little from the many Toho films that came before it and sloshes them around for a new tale.

When Japan’s Jupiter explorer crashes back to earth it brings back a space amoeba which takes over a Cuttlefish and causes Gigantism in the local creatures. A group of investigators which includes, a vacation resort developer, the comrade of a different missing developer, and a pro-photographer yog - space amoeba - media blasters dvdlooking for the crashed Jupiter ship, land on the native island. The island natives warn that outsiders not paying homage to the Gods and using the island for their own gain will be responsible for the punishment.

The strangers enter the village and are immediately surrounded. They meet the tribal shaman, a friendly chap who greets them with, “Die! Friends of the devil!” Soon the giant cuttlefish attacks the village and kills (Mr. friendly) the Shaman. The village natives now want to help the strangers, offering them guns and gasoline. What a great place! They must’ve thought the intruders were Americans, lol. So, they figure out the amoeba uses radar waves to control the giant creatures. They block the signal and the creatures fight each other until a volcano erupts and swallows them in lava. Now they can open the resort and the natives can work for the man!

This film is nothing more than silly fun. Gezora, the cuttlefish/squid looking creature is an amusing muppet-ish thing to look at. The monsters smash some village huts and do some light battle. Yukiko Kobayashi runs around in native wear for some eye candy and there’s some hokey science explanations to amuse those with a sense of humor. I wouldn’t go out of your way to see this, but if you have nothing to watch on a lazy afternoon it could be entertaining. The music is kinda’ funky, 60’s, cool and the sunshine and flowery island scenery is a change from the gloomy world of Godzilla films. It almost seemed like they made this film just to send the crew and actors on a semi-vacation to a nice island habitat with sun-shining atmosphere.

yog - space amoeba - pic 1

A silly disjointed Toho Kaiju film probably only enjoyable to completists in the genre. 

I give it 2.2 floppy fish cakes on the giant monster mash-up fish-food pate’ scale.

yog ghiphy

Behind the Screams!


Behind the Screams!

Some fun behind the scenes shots of horror and sci-fi films…


Baragon the horny Kaiju

Baragon the horny Kaiju

Jerseyfest 2015 – show overview


Jerseyfest Model Kit and Statue Fair 2015 – Aug. 29 & 30
Marriott Hotel Exhibition Center, Whipanny NJ

I attended the Jerseyfest Model Kit Fair over the weekend of Aug. 29th/30th. The overall theme this year was Godzilla and Kaiju, but any kind of model kit could be entered or displayed in the contest room. The convention included a model kit contest, several building, sculpting, painting, and airbrushing classes, and the wonderful work by Jon LeGrande (LeGrandzilla), whose 25 or more Godzilla and Kaiju kits were on display for public viewing.

jerseyfest jon legrande 33 jerseyfest Bill Newell 072

There were some incredibly well built and beautifully painted kits running the gamut from Cartoon subjects to Disney characters to horror films. They even had a category for builders under 13. Following the main theme there were many excellent giant monster kits to view.


I even entered a couple of kits myself and it was enjoyable to see people stopping by the table and taking photos of my Godzilla vs. Gamera diorama.



In the vendor room were dozens of companies selling kits, modeling and sculpting supplies, and paint. I found some great deals in the room for traditional styrene plastic kits.


There were tons of spectacular resin and garage kits from small companies. Some of my faves included the futuristic Scooby Doo and Shaggy and the Monster versions Sesame Street style characters from Monster Dork Studio.

I also liked the pin-up style kits from Kit Kong including Rosie the Riveter, Ultraviolet and Nancy (Jessica Alba) from Sin City.


Resin Crypt had a booth with their awesome Hammer Films and classic ’60’s horror kits including the newest ones Veronica Carlson and the Black Sunday kit. Below is the London After Midnight kit.



On Saturday night I attended a presentation where several modelers talked about their kit builds and techniques.
Robert Troch had a huge diorama depicting a scene from Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster. The diorama was an ‘in-progress’ build featuring the MM 28 kits, Ghidorah, Godzilla, Rodan and Mothra (larvae stage) which are HUGE.

Next up was Matt Evangelista from Kaiju Modeler speaking about his Godzilla kit which stood about 2 and 1/2 ft tall.

Then Jon Legrande took center stage discussing techniques he applied to his Godzilla 2014 diorama and his Gamera build. Check out his Youtube Chanel LeGrandzilla for videos

JF 5 Jon JF 5b Jon
Lastly Bill Newell relayed some detail about his Kaiyodo, 1962 Godzilla sculpted by Sakai. You can look up Bill’s work at Godzillabadger.

JF 4 Bill


Although I had originally intended to leave on Sunday Morning, I was able to stay for the 2nd day (my daughter got someone to fill in at her job). Sunday afternoon I attended a painting class by Jordu Schell (Avatar, Hellboy, Batman Returns). I don’t use airbrush myself, but Jordu was an entertaining speaker and I enjoyed seeing his work.


There were many great prizes and trophies for the top kits. This was a great weekend for the model kit builder at any level and with this year’s theme any Godzilla fan too!


I purchased these kits for excellent show only prices!

my purchases at Jerseyfest 2 my purchases at Jerseyfest 1

Mobeus Mummy with the Boris Karloff replacement head for $30.
The Munster’s Koach $19.
The Polar Lights Creature w/Julie Adams $25.
Polar Lights Robby the Robot $20


Some other vendors I’d like to mention include:

Creative Beast Studio for some awesome colorful dinosaur kits – www.Creative-beast.com (David Silva)
Cretaceous Creations for their realistic looking dinosaur and prehistoric animal kits – www.cretaceouscreationsofamerica.com (Shane Foulkes)
Sceners.net for some awesome Aurora Monster Scenes add-on kits – www.sceners.net
Starlighting Projects for their one of a kind light up accessories, candles, torches, light up illusions, Frankenstein Castle light-up machinery – www.starlightingprojects.com
Kit Kongwww.modelmansion.com
Monster Dork Studio – www.monsterdorkstudio.com 
Cthulhu Gizzard Customs – Facebook
Resin Cryptwww.resincrypt.com


These are only a fraction of the kits on display and for sale at JerseyFest 2015 – There will be much more to view at the Galleries on the JerseyFest website (will be posted soon), including previous years and winner listings.

Display and contest room gallery:

Vendor room and misc. gallery:



Dinosaur and Giant Monsters in TV commercials – part 3

Even more of my favorite dinosaur and giant monsters in TV advertisements and commercials.  These are a lot of fun and some are hilarious! 😀

BTW, Let me know your favorite advert from this page 🙂


Godzilla 1998 – New Years Eve Promo – this promo was only aired once on New Years Eve at 2 minutes to midnight creating havoc and confusion.


Kaiju & Coco Coquette in Venco Commercial


Denver Museum


Caveman Fed Ex advert


Dino PUB-SNCF Commercial


Chewits 3 1980s


King Kong in Paris, going to the department store La Samaritaine

Dinosaur and Giant Monsters in TV commercials – part 2

More of my favorite dinosaur and giant monsters in TV advertisements and commercials.  These are a lot of fun and some are hilarious! 😀


Chewits 2 1980s


Drink Milk Canada


Godzilla like teenage creature in Thialand Gasoline commercial


Bembos hamburger commercial


Nike commercial w/ Charles Barkley


King Kong Vespa


Dinosaur and Giant Monsters in TV commercials – part 1

Check out my favorite dinosaur and giant monsters in TV advertisements and commercials. I have more so I decided to break this into a few (or at least two) posts. These are a lot of fun and some are hilarious! 😀

Dairylea Dunkeys Dino commercial – production overseen by Ray Harryhausen


King Kong Volkswagon commercial – animated by David Allen


Godzilla Snickers Commercial


Godzilla Fiat Commercial


Chewits 1 1950’s Sci-Fi style – created by John Clive and Ian Whapshot


King Kong Twizzlers ad

Movie Theater Displays of Days Gone By

theater MJY 1940s

Movie Theater Displays and Marquees

In the old days the major studios would put some fun displays together for the theaters. Here’s a look at some of those great designs and promotions.

And here’s some theater marquees with some classic films. Less promo but fun to see these films in theaters, some attracting big lines of movie fans.