Fall Harvest 2016 – another Halloween season at Parlor of Horror


Gearing up for another Halloween season at Parlor of Horror

Here’s a little preview of what you will have to look forward to and a look at some past Halloween posts.my-top-10-1980s-horror

This year I will once again be reviewing a few more 1980’s horror movies for ‘The Top 10 Horror Movies of the 80’s”

I will pick a couple of my favorite horror/sci-fi themed Television Shows and review my favorite episodes in “Top Horror  TV Show episodes”

Of course I’ve already announced that the Halloween “Free Read” Best Stories on the Internet will return with some of the best flash and short horror fiction from underground writers.

There will also be an expose about horror art and collectables. Featuring some fine work by artists you may not have known about.top-horror-tv-shows

We’ll also take a closer look at Vampire Kills, Creepy Houses and Final Girls in articles being put together for PoH.

And, any local Halloween Haunts I’m able to visit this year will get coverage here on Parlor of Horror.


Ghosts of Halloween Past…

Last year for my Top 10 Horror Movies of the 1980’s,  I reviewed:

Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Twilight Zone: The Movie

Galaxy of Terror


Last year I featured a post on Haunted House Attractions and Rides of Yesteryear


In past posts of Top Horror TV Shows I featured my fave episodes from
Tales from the Dark Side

The Night Gallery
Tales From the Crypt

The Night Stalker.
I have a couple of oldie but goodies lined up for this year.


and here’s a few articles to check out for your Halloween Holiday fun!

Halloween Games – Spooky games to play on Halloween

Halloween Cartoons Sleepy Hollow, Peanuts, and Scooby-doo amongst others..


Old Style/Vintage Haunted House Attractions and Rides

Haunted House Spook Show Rides a

Haunted House and Spook Show Rides thru the years…

Take a stroll with me, won’t you? We travel back 30 maybe 40 years and find ourselves at an Amusement park.

Walking up the midway, you can hear its ghoulish moans, sinister laughs and ear-piercing screams. Standing on line, the haunted house has skeletons, ghosts, and nasty creatures, eyeing you down from their towering perches. The doors at the far end of the attraction bust opened and a car full of screaming youngsters burst out into the open air. The attendant opens the chain and let’s you into the staging area. You pick the blue car and sit in the front so you won’t miss a moment. The car jolts forward on the tracks and smashes the entry doors opened. You are plunged into darkness. Will you keep your eyes closed or will you witness the many horrors this ride has in store for you?


Haunted House and Spook Show Rides
Greeters –
many have a ghoul that greets you at the entrance. Many of these nasty night-crawlers speak and dare you to take a ride through their home.

Haunted House Spook Show Rides - greeters 1 Haunted House Spook Show Rides - greeters 2


Mastheads – many have a large gargoyle-like creature to capture your eye from a distance. The closer you get to the ride the more it’s evil presence looms over you…

Haunted House Spook Show Rides - mastheads 1 Haunted House Spook Show Rides - mastheads - coney island

The Cars – the transportation ranges from train-like sets of seats to single seat enclosures, but the standard is the two-seater which rides along a metal rail.

Haunted House Spook Show Rides - cars - 1 Haunted House Spook Show Rides - cars - 3


Entry – the ride often starts with a jolt and immediately goes through push doors. Following that there is often an illusion of going down into the pits of hell using a perspective art design.

Haunted House Spook Show Rides - entry 1 Haunted House Spook Show Rides - entry 2


spook house ghost Haunted House Spook Show Rides - scenes 2

Displays, horrors, and gags – blasts of air hit you for a surprise, hanging wool or fabrics simulate bugs touching your head, sudden turns happen when it looks like your car is surely going to crash. Mechanical skeletons pop up on all sides from seemingly quiet areas. The ride will often have several rooms with a horrific scene being played out. Glow in the dark paint will guide your way through dark corridors and before you know it, there’s that last jump scare right before you go crashing through the exit doors with a scream.


spook house clown

Gallery of Ghouls and Ghostly Houses

Haunted House Spook Show Rides 5