Halloween Season kick-off 2014

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Halloween Season kick-off   –  2014

While it may seem like Halloween every day here at Parlor of Horror, I do get a bit more celebratory when October rolls around.

This year I’m going to focus on reviews of my favorite 80’s horror flicks!

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I’ll review some of my favorite Horror TV show episodes.

I’ll have a photo post or two of some real places, people and attractions from my corner of the world.

Dewey House - Roslyn

I’ll also have some personal posts like, Ghosts of Halloween Past – where I’ll show some of my old costumes. I’ll post some Halloween Music Videos. And maybe even my video of a real ghost caught on camera…

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Halloween Holiday Kick-off!

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Halloween Holiday Kick-off!

Thought I would kick off this Oktoberfest and Halloween Season with a spiel about the new face of the US holiday. When it gets closer to the 31st of October, I will have a closer look at Halloween past, some fun games and the must have Halloween viewing halloween pastchoices – both family oriented and after midnight, adult viewing. I’ll include some local events and haunts. I will have treats, and possibly a few tricks, too!

So let’s get the second biggest holiday season started. I say ‘holiday season’ because Halloween has clearly expanded beyond the borders of the day. Weeks before Halloween, people are standing in line for haunted house attractions, visiting pumpkin farms, and decorating their front lawns with creepy props. Halloween parties are frequently taking place before the 31st. People are working on vintage-halloween-pinup-lillian-wellscostumes, visiting costume stores and preparing for the Halloween parade. Horror shows and movies dominate the night time line-up on cable channels. Even non-horror fans will watch a few horror films during this time of year.

The Halloween holiday has steadily moved away from being a children’s only holiday and into the realm of playtime for adults. Sure the children still have the day, but the weekends leading up to the 31st are clearly the land of adult fun. Hopefully some of the items I blog about in the next few weeks will add to your enjoyment of the Halloween season and holiday. So begins the countdown to October 31st.