Horror Art – Claudia Rogge


Claudia Rogge – Everafter

Claudia Rogge is a German photographer/artist that utilizes the human body as a composition tool for spectacular fine art.

The series Everafter portrays interpretations of The Divine Comedy, Dante’s Inferno, including depictions of Purgatory and Hell. The series includes many images. Here are a few images to spark the imagination. The full book, 112 pages, is available on Amazon: Claudia Rogge – Everafter

claudia rogge everafter pic 4

Claudia Rogge - Everafter - Purgatory I


everafter pugatory II Claudia Rogge

Horror Art – Depictions of Hell – part I

Hell  4

What does Hell look like?

Here’s a collection of classic art depictions of Hell and demons

pleasant dreams…