The Fantastic Art of Rowena Morrill – horror art


The Fantastic Art of Rowena Morrill

Rowena Morrill is a sci-fi, fantasy, and horror artist whose illustrations graced the covers of paperbacks from the 1970’s till today. She was discovered by Ace Books, NY and created stunning book cover art for Lovecraft collections, illustrations for magazines; Heavy Metal, Omni and Playboy. She has several art books featuring her collected works including, The Fantastic Art of Rowena and Imagine. She continued illustrating sci-fi and fantasy for popular anthologies such as, Tomorrow and Beyond and Infinite Worlds. She received the British Fantasy _rowena_morrill_photo_of_rowenaAward in 1984 and after the fall of Saddam Hussein her original paintings, King Dragon and Shadows Out of Hell were found adorning the walls of his home. Here’s a look at some of her well-known work. Her use of vibrant color and glossy overtones makes her work stand out and instantly recognizable to her fans and fantasy art connoisseurs.

Gallery one: paperback cover art


Gallery 2: magazines and misc.


Two stories published in Subcutaneous Magazine


Double down on Horror Tales!

I have 2 of my horror stories published in the new issue of Subcutaneous Magazine

The first called The Woman, The Room is a fictional tale based on my real life situation. Some of you may know of my illness and what it is doing to me, I guess conveying it in a fictional horror tale is my way of dealing with it.

The 2nd story is Wax Dolls a fictional tale of a bad family situation and one young woman’s way to deal with it. You may be reminded of a true story of a New England family tragedy when reading it and the popular limerick that accompanied the tragedy, but I assure you this tale is a work of fiction.franz-xaver-simm-walpurgisnacht

I also have original artwork in the magazine of a shrouded death figure done in charcoal and pencil.


You can read the magazine online at the link below or download the .pdf using the toolbar on the right of the opened page. This is a nice looking publication with original fiction, stories, and photography that will surely thrill the senses of the horror fanatic… check it out!

Best of all it’s FREE!

Subcutaneous Magazine, Issue 2 – Fall 2016



Horror Art – The astounding art of Chris Andres


Horror Art – The astounding art of Chris Andres

Chris P. Andres is an artist extraordinaire whose work portrays, beauty and horror simultaneously; a state of exquisite grotesquery. His dark creations are visions of hell-born wonders splattered with sacred imagery. Chris earned his MFA at The University of Notre Dame where his artwork challenged the status quo due to their blasphemous subject matter. You can see Chris Andres’ work on exhibit at the Salem Art Gallery in Salem MA from Sept. 23rd to Dec 31st. Or you can own a piece of his magnificent work by visiting his Etsy Page, where every item is handmade and therefore one of a kind.

(click on any image for a larger view)






Faux Taxidermy:



The artist, with some of his recent works:


Chris Andres Etsy Shop


Going to Salem in the near future? Be sure to attend the exhibition…

The Salem Art Gallery, 64 Bridge Street, Salem, MA 01970


Horror Art – Post it Monsters by John Kenn

don kenn - post it monsters - pic 5

Horror Art – Post it Monsters by John Kenn

John Kenn Mortensen
aka: Don Kenn

John Kenn, who also goes by the name of Don Kenn on social media sites is an artist from Denmark. He works on children’s television shows. In his downtime he began doodling art on post-it notes that depict children in creepy scenes that often reflect the fertile imagination of young ones. He says of his art, “It is a little window into a different world, made on office supplies.”


Horror Art – the Dystopian surrealism of Zdzisław Beksiński

Zdzislaw_Beksinski 2

Horror Art – the Dystopian surrealism of Zdzisław Beksiński

Zdzisław Beksiński was a Polish artist utilizing paint, photography, and sculpting to relay his visions of dystopian surrealism. He went to school for architecture in Krakow but had no formal study or training in fine art. Beksiński was murdered in 2005, when a teenage acquaintance stabbed him because he refused to lend the young man money. (February, 24, 1929 – February, 21, 2005)

Beksinski (2) Zdzisław-Beksiński-night-creeper

Horror Art – Claudia Rogge


Claudia Rogge – Everafter

Claudia Rogge is a German photographer/artist that utilizes the human body as a composition tool for spectacular fine art.

The series Everafter portrays interpretations of The Divine Comedy, Dante’s Inferno, including depictions of Purgatory and Hell. The series includes many images. Here are a few images to spark the imagination. The full book, 112 pages, is available on Amazon: Claudia Rogge – Everafter

claudia rogge everafter pic 4

Claudia Rogge - Everafter - Purgatory I


everafter pugatory II Claudia Rogge

Horror Art – William Mortensen

 William Mortensen - pic 7

The Fantastic Photography-art of William Mortensen

William Mortensen – photographer/artist (1897 – 1965)

There’s some artistic nudity on this page. If you feel you would be offended, click off this page now.

William Mortensen started his photographic career in Hollywood taking portraits of famous actors, including; Rudolph Valentino, Lon Chaney, Jean Harlow, Peter Lorre. He was also responsible for bringing Fay Wray to Hollywood and introducing her to important people. He worked on films with Cecil B. DeMille, Todd Browning and Lon Chaney as William Mortensen - pic 8decorator and designer. He soon developed a photographic style that involved manipulation of photos to resemble Romanticist artwork. What resulted were art pieces that seemed to be photographs.

Inspired by Goya and Bosch he moved into the subject matter of the gothic and grotesque in a collection called, A Pictorial Compendium of Witchcraft. The images were primal, sexual, and violent, often depicting torture and death. Photographic purists, Ansel Adams, Larry Lytle and the photo group F/64 referred to him as the anti-Christ and the Devil. They sought to discredit him as a photographer and obliterate his name and work from photographic history.

His ability to capture the beauty of the female body and bring attention to the grotesque treatment of women in history leaves a statement that holds sentiment to this day. The contrast William Mortensen - pic 6of beauty and ugly seemed to drive his work to new heights of creativity. His techniques of manipulating photos were studied even by his enemies and are standard practices today. There isn’t a photo published in modern times that hasn’t been modified in Photoshop or some other photo manipulation program. Filters, forced exposures and collage techniques common to today’s programs were being used by Mortensen at the beginning of the 20th century. It is only recently that his work has been receiving a second look and is being appreciated by the art and photographic institutions.

Explore more of Mortensen’s work in books: American Grotesque and Monsters and Madonnas 

William Mortensen - pic 4

William Mortensen - pic 14

Horror art and books – artists available!

Stephen Cooney pic 11

Horror art and books

Here I’d like to feature some up-and-coming artists that have been creating book cover designs.

I say, judge a book by its cover! If the cover grabs you, chances are you will enjoy reading the story.

Do you have a new book coming out? These experienced artists are currently available for all your book cover and design needs.


Stephen Cooney
is an illustrator and artist greatly influenced by metal horror artists such as, Ed Repka and Derek Riggs. Stephen is known for his art in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres, and is especially known for his zombie paintings. He is quite adept at producing artwork with gore, so if you have some crazy idea, lay it on him. A couple of his pieces remind me of the infamous Cannibal Corpse covers. He has designed book and magazine covers for many different publishers and authors from all over the world (over 100) and is regularly seen at art and book conventions. In the future he hopes to design album covers for some iconic metal bands.


William Cook
is an artist and horror writer from New Zealand whose work has graced both, the covers and the insides of many anthologies and books. He often uses the signature tag of ‘WookieArt.’ Some selections here are illustrations/graphic art pieces done for book jackets and covers. His work uses stark colors and bold design in digital compositions that really catch your eye.

You can see more of his work here: and here for my book covers:


Malle Malle (Marcel)

Is a 21 yrs old Graphic Designer from Germany. Through his company Xonic Art & Design, he creates Album covers, Wallpapers, Logos, Banner & Profile pictures, mostly Dark Horror, but also Science Fiction, with Abstract & Robotic Elements. He would be willing to create Book cover designs. On his facebook page you can find his personal work and his designs created for customers. His Price is very reasonable, 15 Euro – for every Design. Anyone can buy the Designs and can print his personal Poster, T-shirt Design or other Merchandise. His official Page: