Attn: Horror fans – Horror Things from around the web and world…

tim burton and V Price

Attn: Horror fans – Horror Things from around the web and world…


Want to read some of the great classic stories and authors? check ou the selection from:

(I’d like to credit Tim Prasil for making the Poe giphy)


SUBCUTANEOUS MAGAZINE –  I think this is THE BEST NEW HORROR MAGAZINE to come out in a while. Great stories, art, articles, It’s fantastic. Check it out. You can read it online or download the .pdf


The Fly 1986 - Jeff Goldblum

THE FLY 1986 – This is a MUST READ Awesome article pertaining to The BrundleFly from MONSTER LEGACY – The Fly 1986

Even in the heat and aftermath of Shin Godzilla…


It looks like GODZILLA is finally going to get a royal respectable anime movie in 2017. We need a translator…

This has to be one of the best read LOVECRAFT story collections I’ve heard. Narrated by Ian Gordon. Listen to your favorite Lovecraft stories or find one you’ve not read:

lovecraft and phelps comparison

I’m sure you’ve seen the resemblance of Phelps and Lovecraft in these side by side pics. Wonder why Phelps is such a good swimmer? Perhaps fleeing underwater monsters in another life?

Monster Zero

WOW – Godzilla posters for great prices!!!
I purchased this one already!

Buckethead MUSIC video using animation FROM the famous Hermoinyous Bosch painting. Great Stuff!

and last but not least, here’s a few collectables I may pic up when they are released later this month…

18JMB08_Jupiter-II-Mini 17RMB03_Lost-In-Space-Robot-Mini



Horror Collectables: Things in my workshop

Twilight Zone bobbles

Horror Collectables: Things in my workshop


Twilight Zone – The Mystic Seer bobblehead

Twilight Zone - Mystic Seer bobblehead

This is from the episode with William Shatner. He keeps putting coins into the tabletop machine at a diner because he thinks it’s telling his fortune. Maybe it is?


Twilight Zone – Gremlin
Twilight Zone - gremlin bobblehead 2

This is from ‘Terror at 20,000 Feet’ also with William Shatner, where he sees a gremlin on the airplane wing while in flight. He freaks out!


Twilight Zone – Old style Television

Twilight Zone - Hallmark Television

This is from Hallmark. It’s the old style 1960’s console TV showing the Twilight Zone.

Twilight Zone - Hallmark Television lit

The screen lights up and it plays the Twilight Zone theme!


Bride of Frankenstein poster!

bride poster

OK, not Twilight Zone but just wanted to throw this in there.


On my want list:

The full-sized Talking Tina doll from the Twilight Zone is currently going for about $150 – $175. I’m hoping to be able to get one while they are still available, but I’ll have to catch up from my holiday spending before I can purchase anything. They have a color version or a chromatic black & white version – I prefer the B&W.

talking tina TZ

The doll even talks, saying some of the lines it said in the Twilight Zone Episode – it’s a bit expensive but I have to have it…
(And I swear it’s the first doll I ever wanted for myself.)