Tales from the Crypt – TV Shows for Halloween viewing!

It wouldn’t be Halloween without watching a couple of episodes of Tales from the Crypt!



Tales from the Crypt  (HBO)top-horror-tv-shows
The Thing from the Grave  – Season 2 episode 6


Teri Thatcher plays, Stacy, a young model with an abusive boyfriend. Her photographer wants her to get away from the bad situation and gives her the keys to his pad. That night she shows up at his place and he professes his love for her. He wants her to stay with him and gives her a necklace saying, as long as you have this gift I will be there for you when you need me. As they kiss and lay upon the bed, we see “Mitch” the abusive boyfriend outside the window spying on them. Several nights later, “Mitch” lures the photographer to his summer house in the woods where he kills him and buries him. Then Mitch confronts Stacy saying he’d like to start over and that he would forget the past if she would.

Suspicious, Stacy goes to the photographer’s place to check on him. With that, she has failed the test and Mitch brings her to the summer home to kill her too. The dead photographer hears her screams and digs his way out of the shallow grave to save her. He drags the abusive boyfriend, Mitch, back to the grave site and holds him down as he drags the loose dirt on top of them both.tales-from-the-crypt-thing-from-the-grave-sea-2-pic-17

The usual rich lighting captures the right mood for the chilling ending. The make up on the dead photographer was excellent, very corpse-like but allowing facial movement. I will admit that part of the highlight of the episode is Teri Thatcher sporting skimpy bathing suits and lingerie. Naturally that sex appeal had always been a part of the allure to Tales from the Crypt, offering the little naughty visuals allowed by cable television but not allowed on broadcast TV.

Miguel Ferrer plays the part of, Mitch, the abusive A-hole boyfriend to the hilt making us viewers really loathe his character. This is your typical Tales from the Crypt episode; a love triangle, jealousy and a murder, resulting in a return from the dead due to a promise or curse. A little bit of campy fun and highly visual horror drove the series to become a horror favorite in the early 90s and although the themes and plots were familiar tropes pulled from the comics of several decades earlier, they are still fun to watch.


The Munsters – a monster sitcom for Halloween


I have both seasons (all episodes) on dvd and generally pull them out around the second or third week of October.

the munsters pic 2

It is definitely my favorite monster sitcom of all time.
themunsters munsters-herman&lily
the happy couple, Herman and Lilly

Grandpa always had a quick fix potion down the cellar!
the munsters kitchen
1313 Mockingbird Lane, prime real estate.
munsters house
One of a kind home, in an early episode a young man says:
“It’s only raining on this block!”
the munsters
Many guests would come for dinner.


the-munsters-igor munsters pets

The Munsters Pets, Spot the dragon, Igor the bat and Nevermore the Raven
Most of the time the Raven’s voice was Mel Blanc


the-munsters pic 3
The cars were fantastic!
Pat-Priest_attractive_munster & car
Pat Preist (Marylin) showing off her headlights!
amt-the-munsters-dragula-model kit MUNSTERS-Car MODEL
moebius-munsters-house model kit munster house model kit unpainted
You can get model-kits for both cars and the house!

Never guess who this is?