Websites for writers – Everything you need to become a Class-A writer!

Websites for writers
Everything you need to become a Class-A writer!

Everything you need to become a better writer is available from informative websites and blogs to help a writer achieve greater success. Here are some valuable links to check out. From inspiration to publishing, from writing to promoting, I’ve picked some recent articles for the struggling author to read and review.



Here’s a good article at Ghosts and Ghouls to jump start the imagination of horror writers. Check it out:

You should definitely check out the Monster Men pod casts on Youtube. Their latest is an interview with author, Brian Moreland, but each episode is packed with fun monster and horror talk.

Kurt Vonnegut – His thoughts on writing fiction

Open Culture – every writer should bookmark this site
Not only does this site have direct articles for writing, it has links to free online stories from many of the literary masters. Its also a valuable reference on many subjects that may pertain to your characters.




Kristen Lamb’s Blog
Kristen offers top quality articles, inspiration, coaching and mentoring to fiction writers.

Jacqui Murray is an author, columnist and teacher with some very good info for the practicing writer.

5 Harsh Truths for Writers is a great article from Cultured Vultures

A steady stream of advice and information articles for the writer can be found here:

here’s a good article I recently enjoyed:

Flynn Gray’s blog
Flynn offers tons of valuable info for writers and authors at his blog. He often posts a page much like this one, with a dozen great articles and links to them for us writers to read. Its quite probable that a few of the links posted here I discovered through Flynn’s posts. If you’re a writer, you should follow his blog!

Cemetery Tomes
My buddy Nate offers  weekly memes and graphics on writing fiction, and he’s looking for some short fiction for the winter months to post.


It may be too late to join this year but you may want to check it out for next year. If you always had an idea for a novel and have always had trouble starting it and keeping at it, joining this group will help you push yourself for a full month. See if you got what it takes to get that story down. You track your progress, get inspiration and see others going through the same struggles as you. I may actually do this next November, so I will post about it in Oct. 2016. I have resisted up to this point because I had many short story ideas that I wanted to write and have built a certain level of success with them. But, by next year, I think it will be time for me to get on with writing full novels.


Hope you find these links helpful. Anyone who is just getting into writing or who is seeking advice on getting published can feel free to send me questions. I will try and help if I can, or at least I’ll try to send you to a website with the info you seek. Mike.

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Scariest Creatures in the Sea


Scariest Creatures in the Sea

I live close to the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is an eight minute drive. People swim. People fish. People eat seafood.

Not me.

I do not indulge in the sea. I have stated that sea creatures are both fascinating and disgusting. I’m fascinated when they are behind glass for viewing, I’m disgusted when they are swimming around my feet at the beach.

A recent trip to the Atlantis Aquarium in Riverhead just confirms my discomfort and anxiety about (some) sea-life. It turns out Lovecraft didn’t need much prodding from his imagination to fuel the nightmare creatures of his stories.

Note: These pics are not mine. They are ©  to whomever shot them/owns them. Enjoy!

Just in case any of you think these creatures are not big enough to harm you…

The following is an prologue that precedes my yet unpublished short story ‘Stormbringer‘. Thought this would be a nice time to share it with you:

“I don’t know why anyone would want to live on the shoreline of the Northern Atlantic. Beneath the murky depths lies an alien world of hidden atrocities – a multitude of species – monstrous likes that could not be paralleled by our worst nightmares.”
Michael Thomas-Knight (2009)

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