The Traveler (2010) – movie review

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The Traveler (2010)

A man walks into a small town police station on Christmas Eve. He is solemn, expressionless, stoic. He walks to the officer at the main desk, who is busy cutting paper Christmas ornaments for station decorations. The man says he needs to confessthe traveler poster to 6 murders. He eyes the scissors lying on the desk several times. The less than confident officer freaks out drawing his gun. The lead detective takes the man in for questioning. He confesses to the murders, one at a time, when he feels the time is appropriate. As he describes a death, one of the six officers in the precinct gets murdered. Each time he makes another confession another dies. As the night goes on a back story is revealed that gives reason to the strangers visit. The Traveler is a good supernatural suspense thriller with some effectively creepy scenes. It’s not high action and relies on dialogue and atmosphere to move the story forward so some may find it a tad slow. It’s a small budget and low-key film that works well as a psychological-horror film.

Directed by Michael Oblowitz
Starring: Val Kilmer, Dylan Neal, John Cassini

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Well-written and well acted, good for those looking for quiet, old school psychological horror.
I give it a 2.8 out of 5 Christmas confessions on the scale of creepy cop capers!