Rise of the Furkini – Part II – summer fantasy fun


Rise of the Furkini – Part II – summer fantasy fun

I’ve gotten so many great recommendations for add-ons to my original post, I decided to do an additional post on the subject. Thanks to all of you from Vintage Dinosaur Pictures Group, and the Ray Harryhausen Group on Facebook!

one million years bc - pic 27b

Rachel Welch made the Furkini famous in 1967’s epic dinosaur and caveman movie, One Million Years BC. Through the years there have been many variations on the famous wear and plenty of damsels to done the outfit and strut their stuff. Here’s a look at some Furkini, Animal Pattern, and Suede Bikini wearing bathing beauties and warrior women through the years.

martine beswick prehistoric women - pic 1 Linda Harrison pic 1b

Here’s even more…

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