Boogeymen, The Killer Compilation (2001) – movie review

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Boogeymen, The Killer Compilation (2001) – movie review
Documentary/tribute (FlixMix)

BoogeymenThe best and most iconic scenes from the horror genre’s scariest villains are collected on this compilation dvd. It is one great scene after another, each with its own little introduction. The narrator will say, “Freddie Kruger; bastard son of 1000 maniacs,” and then the scene will play. We have all the usual suspects, Freddy, Jason, Michael, Leatherface, Pinhead, Candyman, and the Tall Man. We also have a few that left me scratching my head, Simon from The Ugly? Leprechaun? The Guardian?

The film is an enjoyable collection to watch as a novelty, especially around Halloween. It would be great to ‘loop’ on a TV screen during a Halloween party. It also has a special feature that allows you to watch it while different tidbits of trivia and facts appear on the screen, ‘pop-up-video’ style.

A nice little feature is the “Name that Frame Game.” A frame from a movie appears on the screen and using your dvd remote, you have to choose which film it is taken from. Some are completely obvious, but there are some real ‘stumpers’ along the way, too.
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So, my fave scenes?

Freddie Kruger appears in an alleyway with really long arms. He chases Tina into the house where he slaughters her on the ceiling of her bedroom.

Uncle Frank is being pulled in many directions by a hundred hooks controlled by Pinhead, while Kristie and the other Cenobites watch. Pinhead, says to Kristie, “This is not for your eyes.” She tries to leave but before she can close the door, Frank says, “Jesus Wept,” and is then yanked apart, shredded into oblivion by the hooks.

Boogeymen is a collection of fun for the horror fan. Like I mentioned, it’s just a novelty, but it’s an entertaining diversion to pass the time.
boogeymen pic 1 Trivia Mode

boogeymen pic 3 dvd game mode

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Texas Chainsaw – 3D (2013) – movie review

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texas chainsaw 3DTexas Chainsaw – 3D (2013)
Lionsgate Films

(spoiler alert – but I don’t think it really matters)

This movie is a direct sequel to the 1974 original. It begins with actual scenes from that film (in 3D nevertheless – don’t remember if it was 3D), with the young lady escaping Leatherface in the back of a pick-up truck. (Do the Leatherface ballet).  New footage starts and the townsfolk arrive at the house as an angry mob, shoot up the place and burn it to the ground. They save a baby which one young couple quickly adopts as their own. Everyone else is presumed dead, even Grandpa. Now its 20 years later (and its 2012 – fuzzy math) and we see a 20-something young lady, Heather, working in a butcher shop… in full make-up (first sign that things were going down the sh*tter) She inherits a house, so she, along with her three friends (and one hitchhiker) go to the town of ‘Newt’ TX, to stake her claim. She fails to read the letter her grandmother had left her that explains about her half-wit, violent, cousin locked in the basement and which states, she can live in the house but has to take care of him – and don‘t let him out of the cellar. One of the idiot friends unlocks the basement door – chainsaws, machetes, axes and hammers start swinging. The violence is harsh and graphic as blood splashes, heads roll, and body parts fly, all in glorious 3D. This part of the film is enjoyable for the horror fan. Its a gory intensity that fans of the genre expect. Unfortunately, after about twenty-minutes, its back to the lame storyline.

texas-chainsaw-3d pic 5OK, so Heather finds out the townspeople killed her real family and now the townspeople are after her to keep her quiet, permanently. Leatherface finds out that Heather is ‘family’. The townsfolk trap Heather in an abandoned Meat Factory – so, ok, wait for it…. Leatherface becomes the HERO and saves Heather from the evil townsfolk! They embrace. All is right with the world – wait a second Heather, did you completely forget that this masked man just killed all the friends you ever had in the world? I guess its ok now, cause we’re family (I’m gagging, swallowing hard to keep from throwing up).

Alexandra Daddario does a decent job acting, and we will see her later this year in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Tania Raymonde, as the best friend, Nikki, may get best supporting actress, just because of the red hot-shorts and well placed camera angles – in 3D, may I remind you. The three buff guy actors were just there to be chopped, diced and sliced. (nobody has average looking friends anymore?) After a while, I actually enjoyed making fun of all the stupid actions of the characters – getting my own MSFT3000 kinda’ vibe going and having the whole row in the theater chuckling.

texas-chainsaw-3d pic 2This latest installment of the franchise failed to capture the character likeability of the 2003 remake, or the psycho-shock, bizarro feel of the original. But, I’m no prude that says only the original has merit… If you want some violence and gore in 3D (the 3D was cool), then go ahead and see it. If you can get over the dumb characters and the sappy ending, you may have fun watching this. Hey, Friday the 13th had no-brain characters and we all enjoyed that, didn’t we?

Three important things I learned from this film:

1) If you see a guy wearing a mask and wielding a chainsaw, standing in a cemetery, don’t ask, “Hey, what are you doing?”

2) If you hide in a barn from a guy chasing you with a chainsaw, don’t use a piece of wood as a barricade. (He has a chainsaw, duh)

3) When being chased by a psycho killer, don’t hide in a coffin.

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