Paranormal Activity 4 (2012) – movie review

Paranormal Activity 4
Paramount Pictures

Katie and Alex are back, not only to ruin this movie but to taint an otherwise decent PA 2. I don’t know where they got all those clips of people being so terrified in the theater, supposedly watching this film – they must have been showing The Exorcist in that theater. The main problem with this film is there is nothing really new about the approach, the scare tactics or the style, that we haven’t seen in the previous, much better films. The one new wrinkle, (and the truth about how the X-box Connect works) looked like a computer animation. The main character, Alex (Kathryn Newton), was likable and engaging but I was never all that frightened for her by Katie walking around in the middle of the night like a zombie. The mom comes off like the mom in Nightmare On Elm Street, only there because, there has to be a mom in the family. The kid, Hunter, was creepy early on but how much of his solemn expressions can we deal with. The one really frightening aspect, Alex levitating in the middle of the night, is swept under the carpet so fast, we hardly have time to be frightened by it – if I saw that clip of me lifting up in the air while I was sleeping, I would freak the f%#k out! The whole storyline and plot was so convoluted that I just didn’t care anymore. With films like these, it is much better to keep it simple (*Blair Witch 101) – we don’t need much of a story, we just need the scares. I am a fan of the series, PA 1 – 3 are fantastic films in my book. This one, you’ll probably watch out of curiosity, but you’ve been forewarned.

Creepy webcam in teenagers room                       Creepy Katie shadow

Creepy kid shadow as seen from creepy webcam   – creepy Katie shadow, again

My mom always had that same bewildered look when she came into my room…
not so creepy.