Sea Monsters of Legend and Lore


Sea Monsters of Legend and Lore

Come summer we all seek to return to the sea. There is something both haunting and calming about the great oceans that give peace to the mind and soul. But there are also a multitude of sea monsters to destroy your tranquility.

The Carta Marina – is a medieval chart depicting the oceans and the many dangers that await.

sea serpents and water dragons

Monsters of the Sea

some common monsters and creatures of the sea

Polypus – a giant lobster/octopus hybrid

The Sea Swine – swine of the sea that will eat men

The Sea Unicorn – its large horn can sink a ship

The Ziphius – a fish with a sword nose

Kraken – legendary sea monster thought to be a giant squid or a serpent with squid-like tentacles.

The Giant Sea Snail – it’s a big one!

Aspidochelone – a turtle or a whale with craggy formations on its back. It is big enough to be mistaken for a small island luring sailors to their deaths

Sirens – beautiful women with angelic voices who lure sailors to their deaths by shipwrecking them upon the rocky coast.

Cecaelias – Octopus people

Mermaids/Mermen – half men / half fish

Scylla – a six-headed, twelve-legged serpentine that devours six men from each ship that passes through the Strait of Messina (Italy and Sicily)

Charybdis – is a huge beast living underwater that swallows a huge amount of water creating a whirlpool

Icthyocentaur – is part human, part horse and part fish

Leviathan – a giant sea serpent familiar to many cultures and mythologies. Known as the bringer of chaos, a demon or a representation of the element of water.

the mermaids rock - edward matthew hale

Legends and Lore

I’ve assembled and paraphrased a few interesting legends here.

Umibōzu – are spirits with a large round shaven head and thought to be formed by drowned priests or monks. They can capsize ships of those that speak to it and in one legend, asked crew members for a barrel. When given the barrel the Umibōzu filled it with water for the sailor to be drowned in. The way around that is to offer it a bottomless barrel.

Bakunawa – a giant sea serpent of Philippine mythology that would eat the moon if the people didn’t stop it by a ritual of banging on pans. The loud noise would make the Bakunawa spit out the moon. Then the people would play soothing music to put it back to sleep. The story is tied to explanation of the eclipse of the moon.

Blue Men of the Minch – legend inhabitants of Scottland’s coast between the Island of Lewis and Shant Island were known for sinking passing ships. The only way to save the ship is for the captain to talk to them in rhyme and get the last word (last rhyme). They live in underwater caves.

Vodnik – Originating from Slavic folklore, Vodniks are waterdemons that began their existence after a child has been drowned. They lure people into the water where they suffocate them, and either take on the form of a green haired human or a fish.

Rusalka – The water spirit created when a woman drowns

Andromeda – the woman from Greek mythology who was chained to a rock to be sacrificed to the Kraken as divine punishment for her mother’s bragging. She was saved from death by Perseus

Horror Art – Side Show Banners


Side Show Banners

Summer is finally upon us. It’s a time for summer fun: Beaches, Amusement Parks, and Carnivals. Lets celebrate with some vintage sideshow banners. Sideshow banners have become somewhat of a folk art sensation. Collectors look for canvas works by famous banner artists such as Fred Johnson and Glen Davies.

Step right up folks, step right up! Witness with your very own eyes, the astounding mysteries of the world…Alive!

This is the stuff from where nightmares are spawn…


Cryptozoology – real and unreal beasts

monster mermaid mummy japan

Cryptozoology – real and unreal beasts

It is possible that unknown species are yet to be discovered in the further regions of wilderness and seas that man has yet to conquer. Let’s take a look at some of these beasts; myth, legend, and reality. (all photos are (c) by their original owners, used here for information and learning)


giant wild boar
No one would have believed a wild boar could grow this big. 11-year-old hunter bags a 1050 lb wild boar with a 50 caliber pistol outside Montgomery, Alabama.

marine monster mystery SC - Atlantic Sturgeon
A marine monster mystery in South Carolina proves to be an Atlantic Sturgeon.

montauk monster
Montauk Monster found on a Long Island Beach was most likely the remains of a bulldog.

dead sea serpent
The giant Oarfish could have sparked tales of sea serpents for centuries.

poodle moth - venezuela
Yeah, this fuzzy guy is real. It is a poodle moth

Photo credit should read SIMON MAINA/AFP/Getty Images

Photo credit: SIMON MAINA/AFP/Getty Images

The Coelacanth was an ancient fish thought to be extinct. Scientists only knew of them from fossil records, until they were discovered alive in an isolated and remote lake in Africa.


Taxidermists of an earlier time were skilled at assembling exotic creatures for the side show exhibits of yesteryear and roadside attractions.


Myths and legend

Mothman, Mermaids and other oddities