Moebius Mummy – model kit build and paint


Moebius Mummy – 1/6th scale – custom build and paint

Here I’ve taken the Moebius Mummy and made some major modifications to have it emulate the cover art of Monsters of the Movies Magazine, issue #6, 1975.


It is 1/6th scale and stands about 13 inches tall.

I was never impressed with the older mummy movies. I thought they were slow and boring. The mummy seemed too slow to really stir up fear and the films dragged on worse than the mummy’s left leg. It wasn’t until I had seen the cover of this Monsters of the Movies issue that I gained interest in mummy movies. My favorite is the Hammer films adaptation, but I eventually developed an appreciation to some of the older films too. Of course the newer films are action movies, not horror movies, and I think they’re entertaining enough, but not my favorite pics for Mummy flicks.

Monsters of the Movies Magazine -1975

Monsters of the Movies Magazine -1975


moebius mummy - standard build moebius-mummy-custom-by-mike-k-pic-15

here’s a side by side comparison, standard kit build and my modified kit



Repositioned mummy’s arm and sculpted new legs.

Broken Sarcophagus and loose pieces flying outward

Added steps to base, repositioned Sarcophagus cover

Added torch light mounted to wall, skulls and rats (from Aurora Customizing kit #2)

Spider webs/cob webs

Mummy nameplate holder




I’ve been working on this kit for a few months. I’m glad I finally finished it and it came out the way I had envisioned it.


Aurora ‘Forgotten Prisoner’ model kit

Forgotten prisoner 5 prisoner box

Aurora – The Forgotten Prisoner – Model Kit

Aurora / Moebius Model Kit
The Forgotten Prisoner of Castel-Mare
Frightening Lightning’ (glow in the dark)

This is my Forgotten Prisoner model-kit. I completed it in early May, 2013.

Forgotten prisoner 1

I did not paint the ‘skeleton or skull’ pieces because I did not want to cover the glow parts.

Forgotten prisoner 7

The rusty chains were an important detail for me. I made rust marks down the stone wall – always seen where chain meets stone.

Forgotten prisoner 6 Forgotten prisoner 8

Close up detail of the rusty chain and spider-webbed doorway.

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