Robot Monster custom model kit

robot monster custom model kit 1

Robot Monster custom model kit

– conversion from The Mighty Kogar (Moebius – Monsters of the Movies) –

Here is my custom Robot Monster kit from the film of the same name (1953). The kit started as The Mighty Kogar kit from Moebius. I bought the custom Ro-man (robot monster) head from CultTVman. As I was building I decided I wanted to emulate a scene in the film where Ro-man kidnaps the young woman, Alice, and brings here back to his cave. I decided The Victim (Aurora/Moebius) would be the perfect scale.

ro-man kit 7 ro-man kit 6

I had to turn Ro-man’s hands upward to support his kidnap victim. This involved cutting them off at the wrist and reattaching them.
ro-man kit 3

I changed The Victim’s tied-off halter top to something more closely aligned with the film. I changed the denim cut-off shorts to a skirt and I repositioned her right arm closer to her body so she would sit in Ro-man’s arms better. I molded bushy hair to match Alice in the film (the Victim model kit has straight hair).

ro-man kit 4 ro-man kit 2
I built my own base with scene-it products and a circular piece of Styrofoam.

The biggest challenge was getting the antenae glued to the helmet. One is a little bent but I don’t dare touch it.

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Aurora Monster Models and Prehistoric Scenes Kits

bride of frankenstein newer model b

Aurora Monster Models and Prehistoric Scenes Kits – Part II

When I was a youngster, I loved to build monster model kits. I would see ads in the back of Famous Monsters of Filmland and I would send away for them via mail order or have my mom take me to local hobby shops to purchase them. The premier company in horror model-kits back then (1970’s) was Aurora. I started with the Universal Monsters model kit collections and soon moved on to the Prehistoric Scenes Kits. Eventually, the kits I owned went to the big toy graveyard where all kids things seem to find their end. For the longest time I thought those model kits were gone forever. But recently, I have found many of the wonderful kits I enjoyed as a kid, still available for purchase.

Aurora Prehistoric Scenes kit molds were first bought by Monogram who only kept seven of the Dinosaurs and the Wooly Mammoth. Sadly they destroyed the other kit molds to reuse the material. Then Revell bought Monogram and re-released the dino kits (twice). Today you can still purchase many of the Aurora Dinosaur kits under the Revell label. Although the box art is different, the kits are basically the same as the old Aurora kits minus the bases and extra accessories.
ankylosaurus reissues
the same Ankylosaurus model released through the years…

Many of the Aurora Monster Model kits were purchased by several different companies such as Playing Mantis, Moebius, and Polar Lights. It is a bit of work to hunt all of these down as they release them sporadically but you can get almost all of them. I have recently purchased, The Forgotten Prisoner and the Aurora Godzilla model.godzilla model

On top of that there are several companies that release customizing kits under the “What if…” banner and alternative pieces market which are often called Conversion Kits. You can change the head of the original Godzilla to one that is more in line with the movies. You can change the heads of the Triceratops to create different horned dinosaurs such as the Torosaurus or the Monoclonius. You can change the head of Dr. Jekyll to match the original  film “The Fly” (which looks amazing). You can now buy Julie Adams to fit with your Aurora style Creature From the Black Lagoon, where she will be set in his arms like the famous scene from the film.

Today’s model kits are amazingly detailed and there are quite a few hobbyists that take great pride in the buildingorgo modelg and painting of these kits. Many are limited release and can sell for upwards of $200. There are 3 types of kits, plastic, vinyl, and resin kits. The resin kits are the most expensive and offer the most detail.

One new kit I’ve been waiting for is Gorgo, by the company, Monarch. It was supposed to be released last year but no one has heard any news since. I hope they continue there plans to release it, because it is a fantastic model. Update: model kit was released – you can see my build here: Monarch Gorgo Model Kitaurora models documentary

Below are some links if you care to check out some more info and pics on the subject. Some of the pics used here are from these sites.

If you want to learn more about the Aurora Kits and product lines, a good place to start is with the documentary dvd, The Aurora Monsters: the model craze that gripped the world. You can get the dvd at or Amazon.

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