Model kits for your favorite monster and sci-fi films!

A Gallery of newer, limited edition model kits

The new model kits coming out lately are amazing. Small model kit companies can afford to license a small run, limited production amount of kits for films which makes it cost effective.

However, it also makes some of these kits very scarce and expensive, especially if you had missed the original release and are now buying though a second party.  (scroll over pics to see kit info and companies)

These are some pretty fantastic kits:



Some companies have been releasing alternative bases for established kits.


Below, I have some kit-bash designs. A kit-bash is when a modeler takes different parts from different kits and makes his own scene from them.  (scroll over pics to see info about builders, painters, and companies)


Here’s some of the recent Prehistoric Scenes kit add-ons:


And lastly, these are some older kits and I wanted to show some amazing paint jobs the builder’s have executed.
 (scroll over pics to see info about builders, painters, and companies)


Large T Rex by Bob Morales of Dragon Attack Studio is 26” long!


All of these models, kit designs, paint-ups and photos are c/p their original owners, used here for information and learning.


Important Links:

Need a missing part from your vintage (or not so vintage) kit? Missing a leg, a foot, an accessory? Stop by The Parts Pit. Members post requests for model kit parts they are missing and other members respond if they have the parts to sell or trade – usually cheap. I recently got two hands for my Allosaurus kit from posting on the page.
The parts pit - vicki 2

The Parts Pit Vintage Model Parts Trading Post – Facebook page


If you’re interested in seeing info, painted kits, and vintage items in the Aurora Prehistoric Scenes line, check out, The Aurora Prehistoric Scenes Society on Facebook –

Add on to your Aurora Prehistoric Scenes Kits with these new items from Prehistorix


Bases for new and old Aurora Prehistoric Scenes Kits from Jurassic Arts:


Check out everything you wanted to know about the Monster Scenes line from Aurora:


Alchemy is a company that has been delivering a lot of excellent kits including over a dozen Prehistoric Scenes kits to go with your Aurora originals. Alchemy Works Model Kits


Resin Crypt has been putting out some great character model kits including some of the recent female favorites shown above. Resin Crypt Model Kits


The amazing work by Jean-Louis Crinon can be found at the website:

Monster Toys for Girls and Boys!

Monster Toys 001

Monster Toys for Girls and Boys!

It seems the older I get, the more I’m reverting back to my childhood. I think nothing of buying a cool toy or begging my wife to get it for my birthday – even though 10 years ago I would have not given these toys a second thought.

Anyways, I thought I would take a few moments and share some of my latest acquisitions with you.

Monster 500 – Monster Cars
Small matchbox style cars with oversized monster drivers. I’ve heard this line is already discontinued but I managed to scoop up the10 that were released before they disappeared from the shelves.

Zoom Zombie Flattop Frankie

Evil Clownevil Captain Heinous

Drac Attack Monster Toys 005

The Inhuman Squishy Zombie
This figure has squishy brains and guts that you can poke and pull. You can dissect him and put him back together for hours of fun and wholesome entertainment. This was a Target exclusive and I don’t imagine it being available for too long.

squishy zombie 157 squishy zombie 161

Iron Maiden – Piece of Mind Diorama – by NECA
One of my favorite album covers from Maiden – I even dressed up like this incarnation of Eddie for Halloween one year.

Monster Toys 013 Monster Toys 012

Walking Dead – Rick Grimes figure – by McFarlane
These went by so quick I sort of missed them. They have some great zombie figures as well including the Crawling Zombie Girl (from season 1) and the Well Zombie (sea. 2).

Monster Toys 034 Monster Toys 033

King Kong and Burning Godzilla – by (believe it or not) Hallmark
The classic scene of Kong atop the Empire State Building. The Godzilla is from Godzilla vs. Destroyah and when you press one of his back fins his chest glows and we get the Godzilla Roar!

Monster Toys 040 Monster Toys 046

Monster Toys 042 Monster Toys 049

Bandai 3.5” Godzilla Figures
I have Godzilla 2004 (Final Wars), Godzilla 2014, and MechaGodzilla (Tokyo SOS).

Monster Toys 025 Monster Toys 032

StayPuft Marshmallow Man from Ghost Busters!
This guy is about 14” and an amazing likeness.

Stay Puft

Gorgo – Glow in the dark model kit – by Monarch Models
In the tradition of the vintage Aurora Monster Model Kits, Monarch Models has released a ‘frightening lightning’ Glow-in-the-dark version of their Gorgo Model Kit. I purchased one despite having built a non-glow in the dark version in 2014.

Gorgo-Glow-Kit-Monarch      glowgorgo2

Model Kits – Gorgo – Monarch Models

Gorgo Box gorgo pics 004

Gorgo Model Kit – Built and painted

Here’s my Gorgo Model Kit.

Gorgo was a 1961 film, directed by Eugene Lourie, about a prehistoric beast that terrorizes London. It used ‘suitmation’ for effects, like the original Godzilla.

This Gorgo Model Kit is brand new from Monarch Models. It is the same size and scale as the original Aurora monster kits, Godzilla and King Kong.

gorgo pics 002

As soon as I got it, I built it. I mean the day it came in the mail, I started to glue.

I sanded and puttied all the seams. I gave some extra attention to the joint at the neck and body. Otherwise everything fit together nice and snug, better than many kits on the market.

gorgo pics 011

gorgo 1961 pic

screenshot from the film, Gorgo

Gorgo in the film is a very dark creature and I painted my kit dark green to reflect the film. It had red eyes.

I did all my highlights in orange also to reflect the film.

gorgo pics 017

I love the destroyed buildings and ruble around the base.


Gorgo – Monarch Models – now available

Gorgo pic 1

Gorgo invades the US

Got this in the mail today !

It’s the brand new Gorgo Model Kit from Monarch Models. This is in the same scale as the classic Aurora Godzilla and King Kong models using the same type of plastic (newer kits can be made from a variety of different plastics, including vinyl). It’s assembly design is also based on the older kit designs.

Gorgo pic 2

The dilemma – should I look at the Gorgo Model Kit first, of the Victoria Secret Catalog?

Gorgo pic 3


Gorgo wins!

Gorgo pic 4

Got mine from – click on Hobbyshop