Model Kits – AMT – Mummy Machine – 1975

The mummy machine - amt

Mummy Machine – 1975

This is my Mummy Machine monster car from a small series released by AMT in the 1970’s.

mummy machine 003

Building car model kits is a bit different than creatures. For one, you have to paint most of the pieces before you put the kit together.

I used Testors enamel for the green body and the gold parts because it dries smoother and glossier. I used acrylics for the head and pyramid.

mummy machine 007

I changed the loose bandage that would be glued upon the head, cutting it up to several pieces and arranging it to look like it was being blown as the car was moving.

mummy machine 103

I had these kits when I was a wee lad. Next in this series, I will build the Creepy-T car with the big skull head.

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