Rodan – Aurora Monsters of the Movies – model Kit

Rodan - MotM pic 4

Rodan – Aurora Monsters of the Movies – model Kit

This is the Rodan, Monsters of the Movies, model kit originally made in the late 1970’s by Aurora. This build is the re-issue by Polar Lights.

Rodan - MotM pic 7

I remember building this as a youngster and complaining about the massive seams that show when the kit is assembled. When rebuilding this last month, I assumed I could do a better job as an adult, but found the same problems inherent in the kit design itself. I putty filled and sanded all the seams before priming and painting.

Rodan - MotM build 1 Rodan - MotM build 3
Rodan - MotM build 6 Rodan - MotM build 7

I hand painted with acrylic paints using blends of Red, Yellow, Orange, Black and Brown. I did a gradual blend on the wings from dark to light to accentuate the depth in the wing curve.

Rodan - MotM build 5 Rodan - MotM build 4

I made a custom base from my box of parts. I never really cared for the MotM squared off bases and preferred the original style Aurora kit bases. I cut pieces from a different base I had to fit the buildings and made extra debris from stone clay.

Rodan - MotM pic 9 Rodan - MotM pic 3

Even though Rodan’s wings in the actual films are different than the kit, this is still one of my favorite models.


Robot Monster custom model kit

robot monster custom model kit 1

Robot Monster custom model kit

– conversion from The Mighty Kogar (Moebius – Monsters of the Movies) –

Here is my custom Robot Monster kit from the film of the same name (1953). The kit started as The Mighty Kogar kit from Moebius. I bought the custom Ro-man (robot monster) head from CultTVman. As I was building I decided I wanted to emulate a scene in the film where Ro-man kidnaps the young woman, Alice, and brings here back to his cave. I decided The Victim (Aurora/Moebius) would be the perfect scale.

ro-man kit 7 ro-man kit 6

I had to turn Ro-man’s hands upward to support his kidnap victim. This involved cutting them off at the wrist and reattaching them.
ro-man kit 3

I changed The Victim’s tied-off halter top to something more closely aligned with the film. I changed the denim cut-off shorts to a skirt and I repositioned her right arm closer to her body so she would sit in Ro-man’s arms better. I molded bushy hair to match Alice in the film (the Victim model kit has straight hair).

ro-man kit 4 ro-man kit 2
I built my own base with scene-it products and a circular piece of Styrofoam.

The biggest challenge was getting the antenae glued to the helmet. One is a little bent but I don’t dare touch it.

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Vintage Monster Magazines – Famous Monsters and beyond

FM collection b
Vintage Monster Magazines – Famous Monsters and beyond

Famous Monsters – my collection

I started collecting Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine when I was a wee lad. I had held on to my fave issues and recently purchased a few from eBay and other channels to replace ones that I lost or had deteriorated over time.

These are my two favorite issues:
FM 114FM 108

The Godzilla/Toho special issue #114 and the King Kong special issue #108

Also one of my fave issues below – it has seen better days:
FM 39

Features Frankenstein Conquers the World, issue #39

Two great Harryhausen issues #37 and # 117

FM 37FM 117

I also love this Gorgo issue # 50
FM 50
I got this in mint condition

King Kong 1976 issues:
FM 125FM 132

#125 and #132
I discovered the world of monster movies and special fx thru the pages of Famous Monsters. Knowing how the movies were made did not detract from the films – instead it made me appreciate the craftmanship even more.
It was in the back of these FM Magazines of the 1960’s and 70’s that I discovered the fantstic Aurora Model Kits, bought an 8mm projector and monster movie film reels (leading to begging my mom for a 8mm movie camera) and obsessed over monster movie masks, movie posters and macabre products of the time.

I recently purchased a new issue, July 2013, mainly because of the beautiful Cthulhu artwork on the cover. When I opened it they had 20 pages of the original Kong, too! I was sold.

FM 287
Famous Monsters #287
It’s not the same as the old issues when Forrest Ackerman was at the helm but I’m glad I picked this one up.

Monsters of The Movies by Curtis Publishing

Monsters of the Movies only had 11 issues before they closed in the 1970s. It was close to the quality of Famous Monsters.

MotM 1MOM 5 godzilla issueMotM 6

Issue #1 (King Kong) Issue # 5 (Godzilla) and issue # 6 (The Mummy)
This was one of my all time favorite depictions of a mummy

Monster Land

MonsterLand was around for a while but I didn’t like it as much as the others.
I only have one issue of Monster Land:
ML 16 ML 16 back cover

Kong and Harryhausen’s 7th Voyage in the same issue #16
it also had an interview with Peter Cushing
ML 16 gatefold
the center page (gatefold) was a color poster
MM various
fm 108 114
Hope you enjoyed a look at my personal collection. Thanks for tuning in…
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Aurora – model kit – w/conversion

Horror Art – Famous Monsters – cover art

Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine –  cover art

Famous Monsters of Filmland, created by Forest Ackerman, often featured painted portraits or painted scenes from films for their cover art. Sometimes they were the films poster art but often they were contracted for FM specifically. Most were painted by artist, Basil Gogas. Many of these paintings later became the vhs box or dvd/blu-ray cover art for the films themselves. This magazine was my introduction to horror movies. Many issues had the behind-the-scenes look at horror films and their special effects. But it was the vibrant covers that first caught my eye.

FM pic 3 fm pic 8 fm pic 13
fm pic 7 fm pic 6 fm pic 5

fm pic 4 FM pic 1 fm pic 9

Monsters of the Movies soon followed in FMs footprints but would never reach the popularity of Forest Ackerman’s publication and only lasted for 8 issues.
mm pic 2 mm pic 5 mm pic 3

I currently own the following issues in my collection:

my fm pic 1 my fm pic 2 my fm pic 4
The King Kong and Godzilla issues of FM are my fave. I purchased them when they came out and had saved them for many years, but they got damaged. So I repurchased them within the last 10 years from another collector. Now they are in plastic and out on a magazine display rack I have in my work room.
my fm pic 3 mm pic 1 mm pic 2
The Mummy art on Monsters of the Movies is awesome. Click pic to see a larger view.

I have a few more on my list to purchase, I’ll do an update in the future.