Top 5 Modern Monsters in Movies

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My Top 5 Modern Monsters in Horror Movies
(What’s yours?)

I would consider modern horror films as those that have been released in the last 25 years. There was a definite change in tone and style after the 1980s and in the beginning of the 1990’s that has encompassed this 25 years period. Aside from rehashing old ideas into the never ending line of remakes, there were some fresh and original ideas presented to the horror audience. Here is my list of the Top 5 Modern Monsters in Movies.


5 – Fish Amphibian monster – The Host (2006)
This is one weird looking creature in a film that is comedic, ironic and satirical, while seriously spotlighting common family problems in modern times. When you do get a good look at this beast, you have to give it props for being such an outstanding creation. It feels like it could really exist somewhere out there in the oceans or deep lakes.

The Host 2006 pic 3 The Host 2006 pic 4


4 – Mosquito Man – Frankenstein’s Army (2013)
I could have picked any monster from this awesome B-film. The creature creations were the only reason to watch this film. What a wonderful imagination Richard Raaphorst has in bringing forth these dark entities. Fun old-school monsters using old school practical make-up effects. Mosquito Man is the creepiest of these dark creations, something I would not want to meet in a dark, abandoned warehouse. That drill on his face works; it drills holes in people!

Frankensteins-Army pic 2 Frankensteins army pic 11


3 – Ice Spiders – The Mist (2007)
The Mist is another film with a bevy of strange creatures. I decided to go with the Ice Spiders because they use humans as their egg nests and thousands of spiders hatch while the victim is still alive. They are also avid jumpers with acidic silk webs and are just creepy as hell.

the mist spider pic 1 the mist spider pic 2


2 – the Creeper – Jeepers Creepers (2001)
It acts like a man but it’s not. It is alive for 23 days every 23 years, then it goes back into hibernation. It wakes to feed. It does not feed in the ordinary sense where it breaks down foods and turns them into energy to regenerate itself. It looks for body parts it needs, ingests them and uses the actual body part for its make-up. The make-up effects, concept, and two excellent Creature Feature style films, make this monster a wonderful original entity. I don’t care what the critics or Rotten Tomatoes say, I give the Creeper top monster honors.

the Creeper Creeper pic 6


1 – Bioraptor – Pitch Black (2000)
What a wonderfully crafted monster. It’s blind. It can smell blood from miles away. It can hunt down humans like plastic ducks in a carnival game. It has a Hammerhead skull and would just as easily kill each other in the quest for food. The real shame is that the filmmakers have no idea what a great iconic creature they have in their possession. Riddick may have been the star of Pitch Black, but the Bioraptors are the ferocious co-stars that could have their own franchise. They are seriously under-rating the potential of this creature.

Bioraptor bioraptor pic 3


Post your Top 5 Modern Monsters in the comments…

Post your Top 5 Modern Monsters in the comments… or just one or two you think should be on the list. 



Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth suggested by Movie Reviews 101


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Cloverfield suggested by Nate from Cemetery Tomes

Aurora – Godzilla – Model Kit w/conversion

Aurora Godzilla 3
Godzilla – Aurora / Polar Lights Model Kit

With Cult of Personality Replacement Head

This is my Godzilla model-kit which I completed in June, 2013.

I painted it the standard Godzilla-gray (2 shades of gray, off white and black). I built a base and background for the kit display.  I used the Cult of Personality conversion/custom head, which I further customized by leaving out the train car (it would be in the mouth) and doing a little sculpting around the mouth to even out the face.

I picked out photos from the internet for the background. I liked this skyline, because of its open spaces and contrast. I later discovered it is Chicago. So… Big-G invades Chicago!
Aurora Godzilla 5 Aurora Godzilla 4

Aurora Godzilla 7  Aurora Godzilla 8

godzilla model g replacement head
Aurora Godzilla