Ouija Board – fact or fiction – part II

Ouija Board – fact or fiction – part II
How and why the Ouija Board works

The Ouija board itself has no power. If it did, planchettes would be moving by themselves in the boxes on store shelves where they are sold. Also, toy stores across the nation would resemble Halloween haunted house attractions as ghosts and spirits spread from the confines of their little boxes and out into the aisles.

The success of a Ouija board reading is wholly dependent upon the psychic abilities, spirituality and openness of the individuals using it. Whether the individuals themselves know they have abilities does not matter. Even a skeptic with a strong intuitive nature may get a good reading.

In using the board, it is the ritual of setting up the game, setting the right mood in the room, and clearing your mind for the purpose of communications with the spirit world, that makes it possible. It is your intention that acts as a beacon to draw spirits toward the board, not the board itself.

The contents of a Ouija board consist of a board with the “Yes’ or ‘No’ response choices printed upon it and a movable piece called a ‘planchette’. The planchette is shaped somewhat like a heart, a rounded bottom and a pointed top. The pointed top will aim at answers or letters to communicate with the players. Some planchettes have an open or glass circle in them so the letters will appear in the circle. The players place their fingers upon the movable piece and ask questions. In a successful reading, the spirits will work through the energy of the ’players’ and point the planchette to words or letters, in order to answer questions. Most have a full alphabet printed on the board for more detailed questions/answers. Some have ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ and numbers, 0 thru 9, printed upon them also.


Boards range from the basic Parker Brothers game sold at toy stores to elaborate wooden boards with fine wood-carved planchetes. However, anything can be used as a makeshift Ouija Board. A piece of cardboard box with the words ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ scribbled upon it, and another piece of cardboard cut into planchette shape can be used with the same results. It can be an effective communication tool because of what I had previously mentioned; it is your intention to communicate that draws the spirits forward.

When you use the Ouija Board repeatedly, you will begin to contact one specific entity, over and over. This is the dominant entity of the board. This entity is attracted to you for some reason and will tell you details about their life and answer questions freely. One word of warning: never use a Ouija Board alone. It can be dangerous. Also, anything more than casual or occasional use, even with others, is not recommended.


In part 3 of this article I will get into the dangers of using a Ouija Board.

Ouija boards & Witchboards – fact or fiction – part I


 Ouija Boards – fact or fiction

I recently purchased the movie Witchboard on DVD. It is a ghost/possession movie from 1986 starring, Tawny Kitaen. While the film is decent, though not as good as I had remembered, there was a very interesting element to this DVD; it came with a mini Witch Board insert-sleeve. The glossy cardboard sleeve has the traditional Ouija Board markings and design. Perforated edges can be removed, to make it dimensionally proportioned. One end contains a pop-out planchette to use with the board.

On the opposite side of this Ouija Board is the traditional film info; scene listings, credits, running time, etc. I have no intention of using this novelty. I will not pop-out the planchette or break-off its ends for aesthetic reasons. It is promotional items like this, which become collectible.


There is another reason why I do not pop-out that planchette, lay it upon the board and ask questions of the mystical world beyond. I do not need the movie Witchboard, Paranormal Activity, or The Exorcist to tell me of the potential dangers. I had learned a long time ago that these boards, although some are even manufactured by Hasbro, are not ‘games’ at all. I’ve had experiences with Ouija Boards, myself.

Sure, some of the things that have occurred could be rationalized as overactive imagination or subconscious knowledge coming to the surface of conscious thought. However, there are always a few things that leave a big fat question-mark, long after the Ouija Board is gone. Of those reading this, half of you are scoffing and half of you know exactly what I am talking about. Many people have had experiences with these ‘games’ and none of the experiences have a happy finale. In the end, it is always, “I have to get rid of this damn thing!”


A recurring aspect of Ouija Board phenomenon is the fact that, a board, once attached to a person that uses it, is not so easy to get rid of. It usually takes several attempts to dispose of the game. Somehow, the board always seems to fall out of the garbage pail, and not taken away by the garbage men. It is then returned to the house by another family member or neighbor, who doesn’t even know your original intention was to get rid of the accursed board to begin with. So, it winds up back in your home at the oddest time, sitting there on the kitchen table or bedroom desk, as your jaw goes slack and eyes go wide with terror.

At a later date I will relay a couple of past experiences.

For now, I would like you to indulge me with an experiment. Make sure the room is quiet. Shut off any music and the TV in the background. Make sure you do this at a time when no one will disturb you. Now, look at the computer keyboard you type on. It resembles a Witch board, doesn’t it? The only things missing are Yes/No and Goodbye. What I want you to do is open up a simple word-processing program. ‘Word’ is too complicated. Open up notepad. Click on the white page and set your cursor so it is ready to type. Do not type anything. Looking at the keyboard, place your fingers on the plastic area directly under the keys of the keyboard. Try to get all five fingers touching the plastic. Now, I want you to clear your mind of all thoughts. All worries, appointments, wants and needs, aspirations – clear them all out. Gone. Take a few deep breaths. Relax. Wait a few more moments in meditation.

Now, ask the all important question, “Is anybody out there?”

For the third night in a row, without any clicks of the keys, the word ‘hello’ has appeared on my screen.

Side note: I would suggest shutting down your computer at night, before bed. Another note, the word count in this blog came to 666 words,  strange.
Sleep well, my friends.