Robot Monster custom model kit

robot monster custom model kit 1

Robot Monster custom model kit

– conversion from The Mighty Kogar (Moebius – Monsters of the Movies) –

Here is my custom Robot Monster kit from the film of the same name (1953). The kit started as The Mighty Kogar kit from Moebius. I bought the custom Ro-man (robot monster) head from CultTVman. As I was building I decided I wanted to emulate a scene in the film where Ro-man kidnaps the young woman, Alice, and brings here back to his cave. I decided The Victim (Aurora/Moebius) would be the perfect scale.

ro-man kit 7 ro-man kit 6

I had to turn Ro-man’s hands upward to support his kidnap victim. This involved cutting them off at the wrist and reattaching them.
ro-man kit 3

I changed The Victim’s tied-off halter top to something more closely aligned with the film. I changed the denim cut-off shorts to a skirt and I repositioned her right arm closer to her body so she would sit in Ro-man’s arms better. I molded bushy hair to match Alice in the film (the Victim model kit has straight hair).

ro-man kit 4 ro-man kit 2
I built my own base with scene-it products and a circular piece of Styrofoam.

The biggest challenge was getting the antenae glued to the helmet. One is a little bent but I don’t dare touch it.

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