Could have been a porno flick title!

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Could have been a porno flick title!

***If you don’t like suggestive material and innuendos, click to some other page.

This is just for fun folks, you can all participate if you like…

I remember many years ago, a single screen theater near me had been struggling to stay afloat in a new world of multiplexes. They set up a double feature of two older movies that were well past their theater prime days. The features were, The Black Hole and The Big Red One…a sci-fi and a western. No, It didn’t make sense. However, the next time I read the marquee, it made perfect sense, but not the way the theater owner intended. When I looked at the marquee, I cracked up. Was I the only one who was seeing this and laughing?

now showing:
The Black Hole and
The Big Red One
Black_hole_ver1 the big red one

Anyway, it got me thinking that a lot of Horror and sci-fi movie titles could pass for porno flick titles.

Here’s some fine examples:

Deep ImpactIComeInPeace
Deepstar Six
Sleepaway Camp
Alone in the Dark
Batteries not included***
The Handmaid’s Tale
I Come in Peace
Naked Lunch

Think of the double features? Alone in the Dark with Humongous, Deep Impact at Sleepaway Camp, and at Naked Lunch, I Come in Peace.

Now it’s your turn. Send me titles that you think would make good porno flick titles. Put them in the comments and I’ll set up some double features. Of course, I’ll give you credit and a link for your suggestions.

The best ones will be chosen for Parlor of Horror’ s Valentines Mock Porno Double Feature viewing suggestions.


I’d like to thank yawl for the input, here’s my watch list 😀

Valentine’s Mock Porno Double Feature viewing.

‘The Sword of Sherwood Forest’ and the ‘Fire Down Under.’

‘Fast and Furious’ ‘Drive’ and Man-Beast’ wow, a triple feature…

‘Single White Female’ and ‘Man-Thing’

‘Real Steel’ and‘DeepStar Six’

‘Long Weekend’ with ‘Balls of Fury’

‘He Knows Your Alone’ and ‘Body Parts’

‘The Machine’ and ‘Batteries Not Included’

‘Spasms’ and ‘Shivers’

Scared Stiff with SpaceBalls

And of course the ones already mentioned:

Alone in the Dark with Humongous

Deep Impact at Sleepaway Camp

Naked Lunch, I Come in Peace

And thanks to the following for their input:

The Telltale Mind


Movie Man Jackson

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The Film Grimoire