Sharknado stuff!

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Get yer’ Sharknado stuff!

Sharknado survival guide                Sharknado T-Shirt

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Sharknado Pop! toy


Sharknado Caution Sign             Sharknado clothes

sharknado warning sign sharknado-clothes

Sharknado ornaments

sharknado balls sharknado ornament


Sharknado Video Game                            Sharknado ‘forecast’ T-Shirt

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Shark perfume by Tara

shark by tara
This is real folks!


We should get some Merch!

We should get some Merch!

Look for these wonderful Sharknado products at and other retail outlets. 

Sharknado 3 Premier – it wouldn’t be summer!


Sharknado 3 

Leading up to this event we had some new classics like, 3-Headed Shark Attack (If 2 heads were bad, 3 heads are the baddest!) and Zombie Shark (just in case a shark isn’t scary enough for you, it’s a zombie too!)3-Headed-Shark-Attack-poster


This would be a great time to take a look at some of my previous summer posts dealing with Sharks, surf, summer and beachside fun!

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A boatload of shark movies in a pictorial listing to keep your shark-filled summer going.

Scariest Creatures of the Sea
You don’t need no movies to make you fear the sea. Here’s a bunch of real life creatures to make your stomach crawl.

Beach Movie Reviews:
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Creature2 headed shark attack

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malibu shark attack

Sharknado vintage adjurassicshark-pic4

Sharknado Party Must haves!

Get your party theme going with these party shark particulars

shark plates shark fin hats

water melon shark sharknado cake

you can always rent one of these – ride a Mechanical Shark


Shark eats man…Man eats shark! What to serve at your Sharknado Party!

Grilled Shark Steaks

Grilled Shark

check out the easy recipe here:


Fish and Chips

The ‘fish’ is usually Atlantic Cod, but shark white meat can make for a wonderful exchange for your fish and chips.


sharknado 3