The Reef – (2010) – movie review

The Reef – (2010)

Scuba divers off the great barrier reef are forced to swim many miles to the safety of a small island when their boat is capsized on the ocean. What they do not know is that when they start this trek, they are being hunted by the ocean’s top predator, a great white shark. It seems as though only one of the five stranded, Luke, is an experienced seafarer. It is through his POV, when he dons his goggles, that we see an underwater view of the beast that is stalking the group. The first time you see the great white materializing through the distance of the murky waters is a chilling scene. There are a few other good scares as the great white picks them off one-by-one. But there are also a few scenes that want to add human drama to the film and seem senseless. For example, when they decide that they will leave the capsized boat to swim for land – out of the clear blue, Kate decides she’s not going with them. Then about 30 seconds later, when the group has left, she yells to them, Wait, I want to come… so she jumps in the water and catches up. I know this is based on a true story but the whole scene just seemed like ridiculous fodder. Other than that and one or two other slow scenes, the film successfully ramps up the suspense as the island is spotted and becomes within swimming distance, just as the great white becomes even more aggressive. While ‘The Reef’ will never be one of my top picks, it is a chilling natural-horror style film, merit for summer entertainment.