Short story by Michael Thomas-Knight published in Kaiju: Lords of the Earth

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Kaiju: Lords of the Earth

My story, Unleashed in the East, has been chosen for inclusion to the collection of giant monster stories by JEA Press, Kaiju: Lords of the Earth

I’ve been a long time fan of Kaiju movies and specifically Toho films, the father of Asian giant monster cinema. I see these films as more than just giant monsters run amuck. I feel a correct Kaiju film has an overtone of sadness to it, often reflected in the powerful yet melancholy music by Akira Ifukube. There is always a cause and effect reason for the monsters appearance, a great foible of man that has awakened something uncontrollable. The giant monster is an overbearing punishment that mankind must endure for his wrongful treatment of nature and mother earth. There is usually a sense of duty and honor in a proper Kaiju story. A choice will be made by the story’s main character(s); a sad sacrifice to salvage the fate of his fellow man.

These are the aspects I have tried to capture in my story, Unleashed in the East. As it often happens, my story stemmed from a current event news item, a real event that I wrestled, wrangled and mangled onto a fictional tale. I’ve also managed to flavor the story with an H.P. Lovecraft style cosmic creature rather than the usual radioactive giants of early Kaiju films.

Available for Kindle and Paperback:

Kaiju: Lords of the Earth

16 Kaiju Monster stories by authors: John Ledger, Stephen Blake, Michael Noe, Peyton Pratt, Alice J. Black, R.T. Sirk, Essel Pratt, Vyvecca Danae Pratt, Amanda M. Lyons, Brian Barr, Kevin Candela, Dona Fox, E. Doyle-Gillespie, Roy C. Booth, T.S. Woolard, and Michael Thomas-Knight


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Cecil and Bubba Meet The Thang – book review

cecil and bubba meet the thang

Cecil and Bubba Meet The Thang
by Terry M. West

A 50’s style sci-fi alien movie crossed with a modern duo reminiscent of Abbott & Costello, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost, or Dale & Tucker, describes this tale fairly accurately. Fun, fun, fun. These guy’s may not be the smartest, but they make up for it with heart. Originally beginning as a short story in West’s short story collection, What Price Gory, it was clear that Cecil and Bubba had more adventures ahead of them. They are comical characters that we can all learn something from. The Aliens have landed but luckily our boys are ready to whoop some Martian ass! The novelette is fast-paced and enjoyable reading for the fan of low-brow horror. You don’t have to be familiar with the original story to read this one because it explains all the particulars you need to know. Look forward to more tales about these two comrades from Pleasant Storm, TX.

Cecil and Bubba Meet The Thang on Amazon


Fiction Terrifica

fiction terrifica

Who is your favorite horror author? What is your favorite book by that author? These questions are answered for a Mr. Reginald Tate in the story, “My All Time Favorite,” published in the May/June issue of Fiction Terrifica.

The story is an homage to one of my favorite horror authors, perhaps yours, too!

Stop by and give it a read:

“My All Time Favorite”
By Michael Thomas-Knight

Fiction Terrifica is a new web-publication dedicated to connecting terrific fiction with discerning readers and promoting authors to the masses. Read more stories from the current issue in the ‘Atheneum’ section. Selections listed by author names.


Lightning Strikes Twice ! at SNM Horror Magazine


Michael Thomas-Knight published in SNM Horror Magazine, Again!

My latest tale of Insanity and Asylum horror has been accepted and published by SNM Horror Magazine. The theme for August was August Asylums – nuts, wackos, and mental patients with bizarre afflictions. The story is titled “Manyard‘s Secret” and has placed 2nd in the ‘story for the month‘ honors. I hope you will all take a few moments out of your busy day to read it.

Has anyone noticed? Almost all of my stories have some kind of Rock Music reference to bands that I like, listen to, and enjoy. In this one the name Manyard is borrowed from vocalist Maynard James Keenan of the band, Tool.

On another note, wherever I get published, I always try to get a second story published in the same place. That way I know it wasn’t just a fluke and it wasn‘t just luck. Getting published in SNM Horror Magazine again is even more of an honor than the first time.

The link is below, please stop by and give it a read if you are a fan of horror and especially if you are a fan of my stories. It would be great if you can leave a comment on the site.

Come read my story at: SNM Horror Magazine Issue #58

from there you can click on more August Asylum Tales at SNM Horror Magazine Issue #57

Issue Date: August 1st, 2013
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My horror fiction at The Carnage Conservatory

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Horror fiction by Michael Thomas-Knight at The Carnage Conservatory

My horror-fiction, short-story, “Upstanding Citizen” has been published at The Carnage Conservatory. Let the Blood and Guts fly!. Best of all it is FREE! So, if you get a chance, give it a read, let me know what you think. Leave a comment at the CC.

The Carnage Conservatory


My new horror fiction on

My horror-fiction, short-story, Aberration’ has been published on It is a gothic tale of Old-style Macabre, that I think you may enjoy. Best of all it is FREE! So, stop by and give it a read, let me know what you think.

direct link: Aberration on Homepage: