Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) – movie review

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Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

Directed by Stephen Chiodo
Written by The Chiodo Brothers

Grant Cramermy top 10 1980s horror
Suzanne Snyder
John Allen Nelson
John Vernon
Charles Chiodo

Are you scared of clowns?

This film doesn’t have great acting, it doesn’t have a great story, no great character development, and no deep plot. What it does have is goofy but decidedly creepy clowns – make up effects that seem all the more scary because they don’t look natural or real. It’s a clown super fantasy land, with colors, shapes and tones, all supporting a clown nightmare. Their guns shoot popcorn and they hang their victims in cotton candy cocoons. They are evil seven foot monsters that look like giant color-burst Killer Klowns movieposternightmares.

Debbie (Suzanne Snyder) and her boyfriend, Mike see a shooting star crash land in the woods. They go to investigate and discover the comet was actually a space craft that looks like a circus tent. They find the dead bodies of an old farmer and others and make a hasty retreat. Then they spend a lot of time trying to convince the bumbling police that something strange is going on. Meanwhile, the clowns are spreading out through town collecting more human nourishment. We have a half dozen campy killer antics as the clowns dispense a biker gang, a group of elderly folks at a bus stop and the police chief.

Debbie is kidnapped by the clowns and trapped in a giant balloon. Now Mike and Dave have to break into the saucer in order to free her. And that’s when things get really weird! At the climax of the movie we have a giant clown appear in the spaceship ready to tear the boys limb from limb.

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A fun and funny horror fantasy flick that plays it straight but provides dark humor in vivid color!

I give it 4.0 sparkly blue stars on the big clown feet scale of campy comical nastiness.


Fun facts:

Written by the Chiodo brothers, directed by the Chiodo brothers, and special effects by Fantasy Film II effects (Gene Warren Jr.). Later the Chiodo brothers would be known for their own special effects work.

How you know it’s an 80’s film: Love the 80s style hair, poofed, feathered, and highlighted tips…and that’s just the guys…

Suzanne Snyder also starred in Weird Science, Return of the Living Dead II and Night of the Creeps.

The fear of clowns medical term in psychiatric studies is Coulrophobia.

Pogo the Clown once told two cops, “Clowns can get away with murder.” Pogo was of course John Wayne Gacy the deranged serial killer.

Who wants some Killer Klowns toys?

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