The Tall Man (2012)- movie review

Tall-man coverThe Tall Man (2012)

The Tall Man poses the question, “How far would you go to save a child from a dismal fate?” In the small ex-mining town and surrounding areas of Cold Rock, Washington, children are disappearing. They are taken in the night by a dark figure – an urban legend called, The Tall Man. A local nurse, Julia (Jessica Biel), tries desperately to keep the townsfolk healthy despite the town’s failing economy and rampant alcoholism. She struggles for common sense with the townsfolk until one night, her young one, David, is kidnapped. She is hot on the trail of the culprit immediately upon his kidnapping, in some intense and high-action chase sequences. Short of revealing any spoilers, let me just say that what follows is a shocking plot twist that first reminded me of The Wicker Man, but turned out to be much different. This is a cleverly written and well-acted thriller by Pascal Laugier, director of Martyrs.

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