The World on Fire by Sheldon Woodbury – book review

world on fire - Sheldon Woodbury

The World on Fire – Sheldon Woodbury

The prison is called the Spook-house because all of the worst, most monstrous killers were housed there. The story follows The Angel of Death, Louis Sedah, who had a nasty killing spree that ended with him burning down a church. When they locked him up, that was just the beginning. He breaks out with a small army of death row baddies in order to set his big plan in motion. Along with these psychopathic killers he takes a reporter, David, hostage. What the FBI doesn’t know is that Louis has an even larger army of underground fringe mobs that are ready for a change and Louis is orchestrating a massive demonstration of their power.

This was a fast-paced horror thriller. Early in the book, every other chapter told the story of another inmate’s violent journey and how they received their nicknames before becoming escapees and part of The Angel of Death’s crew. This kept the story interesting. As the twisted team carry out their murderous designs, Agent Locke is on their tail. This is a large scale story with many characters and Mr. Woodbury managed it like a veteran author.

There were plenty of interesting ideas and devilishly good twists in the story with an impressive ending that I did not see coming. Louis Sedah is the ultimate evil nemesis, crafting and executing nasty destruction, leaving a fiery trail of death in his wake. It didn’t take me long to realize his last name was Hades, spelled backward. He creates hell on earth. Fans of The Following will love this. It takes a similar premise to its extreme ends.

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