My Short story, “Gray is a Life” published in new anthology

Gray is a Life published in Ugly Babies 3/ Ghosts Redemption

I have a short story that was just published in the anthology Ugly Babies 3/ Ghosts Redemption.

I submitted to Ghosts Redemption anthology because I had a good story that fit that theme. Then the publisher decided to combine the two anthologies into one release. I don’t usually like when they do this because I like themes and I usually try to get people into the theme….this book has some great ghost stories if you care to pick it up. That way it’s not just about my story, but a lot of great reading.  Now my story is buried in the middle of 70 stories and people that like the graphic violence of the Ugly Babies series, are probably not going to like the cerebral context and atmosphere of ghost stories. So it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me.


However, perhaps readers like it…what do you think? Would you like one book with two different themes?

ugly babies 3 ghosts redemption

If you’d like to get an anthology with many stories in it, it’s a lot of bang for the buck, check out the Ugly Babies 3/ Ghosts Revenge Anthology. On

I’ve been getting a little more selective with where I send my stories and I’m going to tighten that up even more. I think I may be at the stage where I can release my own collection and have some success with it.

I’ve sent a few stories to pro-paying markets but haven’t had any success. I have been paid for my writing before but not at the professional level. It’s a finicky, literary market and I’m more like a pulp writer. There aren’t many pulp magazines and zines left out there.