The Horror Movie Watcher… peeves part I


The Horror Movie Watcher… peeves part I TheDarkKnightRises_TheDarkKnightReturns

Things that annoy me:

Film Lengths
Film lengths of many movies are too long these days. The Dark Night Rises was too long. I loved it, but it was too long. The Hobbit… 3 hours? I got sciatica. There is no way I can watch this in a theater. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter? Too long!

the-hobbit-an-unexpected-journey-2012-movie-gandalfThis is especially true with films that have a lot of digital effects. There is something that is called digital fatigue – where your mind no longer accepts what you’re seeing as reality. It happened to me in Peter Jackson’s King Kong (2005). Lets tighten up these scripts. Overkill just kills everything dead. Movies in the past were about 87 minutes. If a director can’t tell a story in 87 – 100 minutes, they ain’t working hard enough. You don’t have to try and squeeze king_kong_2005_5everything that was in a book into the movie; the story should be told to fit its medium.

I saw Oblivion last week in the theater. I thought it was a great movie – story, action, visually fantastic, it was probably one of the better sci-fi films I have seen in years. However, I was wishing they had trimmed about a half hour from it. I was getting antsy. I got up to stretch my legs and go to the bathroom. I didn’t miss anything, did I?
oblivion-drone-faceoff Oblivion-Movie


Subtitles that can not be seen when watching a film in wide screen irk me. Quite often I watch movies late at night, when everyone in my family is asleep. I like to put on the subtitles so I don’t miss anything – especially in films that have explosive scenes one minute and the subtitled-movies-characters are whispering in the next. I also watch some foreign films and since I’m lucky I can even grasp the English language, I need those subtitles on. I like to watch the film in wide screen and adjust the aspect ratio accordingly. Very often, that cuts off part or all of the subtitles. Come on, are you kidding me?


TV Aspect Ratio
Some people don’t adjust their TV’s aspect ratio to the film/show they are watching. They watch everything on… ‘justify’ and see everyone as short, fat, squat, and elf-like. Maybe it makes them feel good. To me, it’s a disrespect to the filmmakers vision of what he wanted to show on the screen


Everything must go faster
In Transformers the robots moved too fast. Giant robots – they should be my fave movies, they’re not. Monster movie 101 tells us thattransformers_3_dark_of_the_moon if you want something to appear big, it should be filmed in slo-motion. Have you ever been at an airport and watch a ‘747’ go over your head to land? (Sorry you young ‘uns can’t see that anymore, if you didn’t see it in the 70’s or 80’s that ship has sailed) The plane is going almost 100 miles an hour but it seems to take forever to pass over you head. Slow things down a bit, let me see what is going on. Thankfully, they got it right in the final scenes of Wrath of the Titans.

Tune in for part II, coming soon….



Movies I want to see in 2012

Just a few movies I am looking forward to seeing:

 I enjoy dark, brooding films. This one is a fictional story based on Edgar Allan Poe:

The Raven


Tim Burton’s stop motion figures come to life in his latest film:


A new sci-fi masterpeice by Ridley Scott? We’ll see.


Having grown up watching all the Harryhausen/Scheer fantasy movies, including Jason & the Argonauts and The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, I have a nostalgic desire to see these new fantasy/mythology films:

Wrath of the Titans

Jack the Giant Killer

That’s all for now,

I’ll post some more at a later date.