Metal Hurlant Chronicles – series overview


Metal Hurlant Chronicles

I’ve been enjoying Metal Hurlant Chronicles, the recently added Twilight Zone-style series on SyFy Channel.

For those who don’t know, Metal Hurlant is the French magazine that became Heavy Metal Magazine when it crossed the river to the States. Metal Hurlant continued publishing in France along side Heavy Metal in the US, weaving stories of fantasy, science fiction, and weird tales, and capturing the imagination with their vibrant artwork depicting strange lands and people.

In 2012, a French-Belgian joint production team started the English speaking series, Metal Hurlant Chronicles, which would bring some of themetal hurlant chronicles poster magazine’s iconic stories to life. SyFy picked up the series and began airing episodes a month ago.

Metal Hurlant Chronicles is a Twilight Zone-styled anthology show with each episode self-contained, mostly in the fantasy/sci-fi genre. The only link between episodes is an asteroid, known as Metal Hurlant, which sweeps through space past different planets, universes, and eons, to bring the viewer to each current story. It is shown in the opening theme/credits and casually appears at random in the background, during a scene in the episode. I’ve been amused looking for it in each story. (kinda’ like where’s Waldo)

In “The Endomorphe“ a boy is thought to be the savior of a defeated race overrun by a dark warring force. A small group of soldiers must usher him to the center of the invaders world. There he will fulfill his destiny and save his people, but all is not as it seems. In “Whiskey in a Jar” a sheriff in a small western town is visited by a doctor that seems to be able to save the bad guys lives‘ no matter how bad they’ve been shot-up. The most recent episode I watched featured, Rutger Hauer as an entity who sends his warrior to kill a being he calls, the dragon. When the warrior gets there, he finds only a small boy and can’t carry out his mission. There is a nice twist to this story which I won’t spoil for those who may watch it (it’s On Demand for those with cable).

Metal Hurlant Chronicles airs Monday nights on SyFy Channel.
If you’re not convinced, just check out the trailer!

reccomended if you like, The Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Amazing Stories,  etc.


9 thoughts on “Metal Hurlant Chronicles – series overview

  1. This looks so fantastic. I wonder how I missed it. I’ll be tuning in next Monday. Thanks for the heads up.

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