The Fourth Kind (2009) – movie review

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The Fourth Kind (2009)

The_Fourth_Kind posterI realize this film was not well received. It only has a 19% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 5.8 rating on IMDB. I think that some viewers just got mad that the supposed “real” documentary footage was clearly filmed for the movie (i.e. not real at all), to add an air of authenticity to the story. I just saw this as a unique way to tell the story, sometimes with split screens showing both the film version with actress, Milla Jovovich, and the supposed ‘real’ documentary footage. It helps my viewing pleasure when the whole film isn’t that grainy bad quality video. Also, you actually needed some big, wide shots of the Alaskan wilderness to convey the isolation of small towns for this film. The ‘based on a true story’ angle was also a stretch. The only true part of the story is that a disproportionate amount of townspeople from Nome, Alaska have gone missing over the last 40 years. The FBI has investigated in Nome for this very reason. In this film, the writer connects that fact, with a story of alien abductions. It certainly is not as far-fetched as President Lincoln hunting vampires… or zombies, but then, they didn’t label those films with the ‘true story’ moniker.
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Psychiatrist, Abigail Tyler is distraught over the murder of her husband, Will Tyler, also a psychiatrist. She begins to correlate a connection with his death to similar problems her patients are having. Many of her patients are suffering from the same afflictions; insomnia, waking every night at 3:33 in the morning, seeing an owl outside their window, and waking up later feeling stressed and uncomfortable. Under hypnosis, a patient begins to relay a series of abductions which includes the intruder communicating through his mind, almost seeming to take over part of his mind to enforce its will. The intruder is connected with the ancient Sumerian culture who’s stone artwork depicts carvings of alien spacecraft, alongside their gods. Abigail enlists the help of a Sumerian linguist to help translate some recorded communications during the hypnosis sessions. In a subsequent session, the intruder is able to communicate directly to Dr. Tyler through the patient in real time and actually threatens her. As if to prove its strength, it twists the patient into a knot, breaking his back and paralyzing him. It becomes clear after that session that the intruder is after Dr. Abigail Tyler, perhaps for digging too deep into the truth.
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The other ‘based on a true story’ part of this film is clearly that all the events are situations described by abductees and witnesses of alien encounters. So, while this event did not really happen to Abigail Tyler in Nome, Alaska as described; it relays the events of what many people who claim to have had such visitations believe to be true. I also like the connection to the ancient Sumerian culture in this film. It makes you wonder if this is actually a alien visitation or some kind of ancient demon partially possessing its victims. It never gives you a definitive answer because it is not a question that can be answered.
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This film is definitely not for everyone. It is, at times, hard to follow. It doesn’t show you the monster at the end; most alien abduction movies don’t. But I liked it and it got under my skin. I spent some time thinking about the possibilities of something like that happening. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars but someone else may watch it and only give it 1 out of 5. You are either going to love it or hate it.

So, watch at your own risk. About 20% of you may be pleasantly surprised.

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17 thoughts on “The Fourth Kind (2009) – movie review

  1. I never thought this was too bad. I liked the part where the alien “talked” and they made it sound like some sort of Egyptian dialect, giving all sorts of other alternate history facets.

  2. This is currently in my Netflix Queue. I enjoyed it. You are right that it is not for everyone. I thought it was interesting, scary even though it was a bit confusing in regards to the narrative. Milla was very good in this. A refreshing turn by her much like her performance in “Faces in the Crowd” Good review, man!

      • It was a decent flick. More of a psychological thriller than a straight out horror/sci fi movie. She also gave a very capable performance in it as well. I think it may still be on Netflix. I would only watch it, though, if you have absolutely nothing lined up to watch. It’s cool for a one time viewing. Nothing I’d watch over and over again.

  3. Milla? You mean Alice from the “Resident Evil” movies isn’t real? She’s just another actress named Milla? Those movies aren’t real you say? Thanks a lot man, thanks a lot for shattering my universe… 😐

      • No… i don’t believe you… this is all some kind of trick. I am real. I know that. And yes i’m leaving for Vegas… but i know those zombies will be there. And i’m gonna have a little fight with them. Not gonna eat them, no, just kick some zombie butt! And after that i’m gonna make sure that i’m in “Resident Evil 6” and eat Alice alive! (Well maybe lick her first for a while, but then i’m definitly gonna eat her!) 😐

    • Yes that’s a bit strange i agree. It’s no 3D movie so for sure it doesn’t look very real. Unless you got a built in 2D to 3D converter in your head! 😐

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    • Just thinking of the possibility of something like this is creepy weird.

      Just curious, Maria, did you find my review with the search or did you look in my review menu. I just posted the ‘menu’ and i’m wondering if people are going to use it much.

      Also, you should put a link to your review in a comment here 🙂

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