Humanoids From the Deep (1980) – movie review

humanoids from the deep pic 4

Humanoids From the Deep (1980) aka: Monster

Directed by Barbara Peeters
Produced by Roger Corman

Doug McClure
Ann Turkel
Vic Morrowhumanoids from the deep poster

This is one of the better post-gothic Roger Corman films. He had a formula for his films of the 80s that harkened back to his early films, a simple plot, show some skin, reveal a terrible creature or monster, and mimic successful horror films on a low-budget. It’s a formula that allowed him to be the most prolific b-movie director and producer for many decades.

A fishing company’s attempts to cultivate bigger/better fish leads to a mutant species of man-fish hybrid living in watery caves by a seaside town. While the town plans to celebrate the new plant opening, the creatures have their own agenda, to propagate their species. They attack and rape young women at the beaches while dispensing with their boyfriends with a swipe of their nasty claws. The night of the big celebration is the night the humanoids attack to overtake the town. Pandemonium ensues!

I have to mention that the creature effects in this film were done by Rob Bottin, who within the next couple of years did both, The Howling (1981) and The Thing (1982).

It’s a fun flick with some jump scares, great monster design and plenty of gory action. It’s not to be taken too seriously but it’s played straight (not comedic) making it a favorite Corman film of the 1980’s.


13 thoughts on “Humanoids From the Deep (1980) – movie review

  1. Those might be some of the freakiest creatures I’ve seen since seeing John Carpenter’s The Thing. . . *shudder*

    Looks awesome!

    • Funny you should say that because the creature fx were done by Rob Bottin, who within the next couple of years did both, JC’s The Thing (1982) and The Howling (1981). I should have mentioned that in the review. I think i’ll add a line about that now.

      • 😀 Cool! Glad to always offer help! Haha.

        That’s interesting man, I didn’t even think about the movie being released before The Thing. Very interesting tidbit.

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