Skin Job – Now Available on

 dragon tat 3

Skin Job
Sex, drugs, tattoos and mad monster violence!


My novelette, Skin Job, is now available on, for those of you that have been following my writing news and wish to give it a shot.dragon tat 1


There’s a real life struggle that unfolds in the story, not just with the monster, but with a situation that many, if not all of us, have to deal with at some point in our lives.

There is also a monster, a demon that takes pleasure in ripping lives and people apart. In my incarnation, the Car Nex Demon is a giant shape-shifter with some Lovecraftian monster qualities.


I’m hoping that some of you that I have met here in the past few years will download the story from Amazon and give it a read. It would mean a lot to me to hear your opinions and read your reviews (if you are so inclined).

I’m a horror fan just like you and I strived to put forth something that I would have liked to read. I think I’ve reached my objective. I’m hoping you will enjoy it too.

Thanks for your support, it will help me to move forward with my writing.

Skin Job
by Michael Thomas-Knight

skin job cover art darker

“Everyone makes mistakes; that is how we learn. You just have to hope that the mistakes you make in life don’t cost you everything.” MK

Skin Job is a novelette by the author/owner of this blog, Michael Thomas-Knight

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