Skin Job – sex, drugs, tattoos and mad monster violence!


There’s only 2 weeks until the release of my novelette, Skin Job


More than a horror story, Skin Job is a story about failing at something big in life… It reflects a personal experience, but one that I think a lot of us go through at one point in our lives. Hopefully, most people deal with failure better than the character in my book.

I’ll explain more soon, for now I’d like to invite you to my

SKIN JOB page at Parlor of Horror

Please take a look and leave comments about what you like, what you think I should add, and what you think I should change. The big question is,

Does this sound like a book you’d be interested in reading?

I respect your opinions fellow bloggers, so tell it to me straight.

SKIN JOB page at Parlor of Horror

skin job cover art

Skin Job
by Michael Thomas-Knight

A Car Nex Tale (Terry M West)
Pleasant Storm Entertainment

6 thoughts on “Skin Job – sex, drugs, tattoos and mad monster violence!

  1. Is your stuff available outside of the US? I don’t usually use kindle. I buy most of my ebooks through Kobo. I couldn’t find the listing there.

    • No, whatever the publishers and companies use are what format my stories come out in. This one will only be a Kindle eBook for now. However, there is a kindle app and I think it’s free so you don’t need to own a Kindle to download the app to whatever tablet you might own. You can read some of my shorter flash-fiction stories for free on websites 🙂

      • That’s cool. I have read some of your free stuff. Good storytelling. Makes me think of what Rod Serling would be interested in if he were still around.

        I know I can get a kindle app, but the iPad is my wife’s and I don’t like reading on it too much. I could probably handle it for a shorter story though.

      • Skin Job is about 50 pages in print, probably one sitting. Just don’t know how your wife would feel about you downloading a new app for just one story though 😉

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