Halloween Horror – Free Read 2016 – Best Horror Stories on the internet!



Halloween Horror – Free Read 2016 – Best Horror Stories on the internet!

hosted by Parlor of Horror




The 2nd annual Parlor of Horror Best ‘Free Read’ Halloween Horror Stories

Here they are folks! 20 deliciously horrific stories to delve into for Halloween scares! Great free reading for the Halloween Season and to put you in the mood for the creepiest holiday ever.


Check out the titles, click a link, get some goosebumps as you read some of the best stories from underground writers and authors on the web.


Our TOP Stories! Editors picks:

Best Story:

Buback – Kerry E.B. Blackbest-free-read-award-best

This story embodied the spirit of Halloween and pulled me in with wonderful descriptive wording and thick atmosphere. It’s a wonderful tale for Halloween so take a moment and give it a read. Kerry wins a $25 gift card to Amazon.com and the title, Best “Free Read” Halloween Horror story on the Internet.

Runner up:best-free-read-award-runner-up

Dead Memories – by author William Cook

Honorable mentions:

Halloween Lights – by author Anna Taborska


Run – by author Joseph Pinto


Bast – by author Christian A. Larsen


Writers/authors: feel free to copy and post these award logos on you websites, blogs, posts, with your story or in separate announcements

best-free-read-award-best best-free-read-award-runner-up best-free-read-award-honorable-mention


We had plenty of fantastic horror tales to choose from. Pick out a few stories and give them a read. They are all high quality horror tales worthy of your time and good for a thrill and a chill.

What Objects Might Conspire – by author Dona Fox

Anaphylaxis – by author Tony Bowman

Birds and the Bees, and Playmates – by author Thomas Kleaton

Heavenly Damnation – by author Essel Pratt


The Cemetery Intruder – by author W. P. Rigler

I’m Coming to Get You – by author Jason D. Brawn

The Jigsaw Puzzle – by author Wies Blaize


She Was a Woman of Exquisite Taste – by author Terry James

Demon Eyes and Devil Fingers – by author Tim Prasil

Apocalyptic Toffee – by author Julianne Snow

The Worm of Mysteries – by author Sebastian Crow


Blinded – by author Michael Thomas-Knight

Ankle Bites: A Werewolf Tail – by author John Mountain




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    “Bast” was originally published in WHAT FEARS BECOME, but you can read it right now, for free! And be sure to check out the other great stories in The 2nd annual Parlor of Horror Best ‘Free Read’ Halloween Horror Stories contest!

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